Alausí update: Landslide vicitms express gratitude for expat donations but more are needed

Apr 7, 2023 | 1 comment

A wide-angle view of Alausí shows the extent of the landslide damage.

By Garry Vatcher

On Wednesday, Hogar de Esperanza brought your donations to Alausí, scene of the devastating March 26 landslide. As you make the last U-curve before the descent into the valley, the devastation becomes clear. The bare mountainside looms over the town as a poignant reminder that 67 families lost everything.

A mechanic takes a break from digging for his tools where his mechanic shop once stood.

There is a solemn mood in the town as people wait to hear something of their lost loved ones. Indigenous women sit around the collection center waiting for news.

We are working very closely with the officials in charge of donations and we are bringing them items that are not being provided from other sources. This week we brought socks and underwear for the children, bags to pack the food, adult and children’s diapers and wipes, baby bottles, hygiene kits, and much more. In all, you donated over $2,500 worth of supplies. As people start to move into temporary housing, they will need cleaning supplies.

Our next delivery will focus on those needs. Although, the situation of many of these families is very sad, the outpouring of support is welcomed and comforting to those affected. They were excited to share with us the good news that a baby was born of one of the rescued women just a few hours before we arrived.

Hogar de Esperanza at the warehouse in Alausí.

The community is so grateful for the support of the expat community here in Cuenca and we are honored to coordinate the support and to make sure it gets into the hands of those who need it.

Many of you have written messages with your donations. Some have given in memory of someone they lost. Some have offered prayers for those of Alausí along with their donation. The organizers wanted cloth reusable bags to pack food.  Our supplier, Paul, sewed bags all night to make sure they were ready to go, just because he wanted to send his love to the people. Our staff stayed up late putting together the packages and GRACE Foundation provided diapers and clothing.

The donation we gave to the people of Alausí had a lot of good feelings attached to it. As we walked through the community, we could feel the burden of the tragedy weighing on everyone but we also felt the gratitude from those we talked to, those in the collection center and the community representatives. I think it is because of the special sentiments that are attached to the donations. People who gave from the heart to touch the hearts of those affected by tragedy. We brought your donations and we also brought your love and empathy to those going through a difficult time. Thank you for your support.

Relief workers inventory donations arriving in Alausí.

To make a donation to support the people of Alausí you can do it at:  For other donation options, including tax receipt, you can visit our website at:

If you would like to help in other ways, you can reach out to us through our email at:


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