Citizen Guard to be armed with non-lethal weapons; Tourist VAT reduced for Holy Week; Cuenca receives culinary recognition; Kids are eligible for ID cards

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Miércoles, 6/3/2024

Hola, Todos –

Titular –

Prisión par exasambleísta del PSC (Prison for former PSC assemblyman) – See article in today’s CHL for story.

Cuenca –

Cuenca Mayor Cristian Zamora received the city’s recognition as a “Culinary Capital of the World” Monday from Nicolás Pérez, ambassador of the World Food Travel Association in Ecuador. (El Mercurio)

Reconocimiento mundial a gastronomía cuencana (World recognition for Cuenca’s gastronomy) – In an awards ceremony yesterday, Cuenca received the “Culinary Capitals” certification from the World Food Travel Association. It is the 1st city in Latin America and the 3d in the world to receive this designation with a score of more than 80/100 which took into account the culinary culture, quality of food and service, and the sustainability of the production chain.

De El Mercurio del martes, 5/3 (1 article):
El Registro Civil da a 250 niños su ‘primera cédula’ (The Civil Registry gives 250 children their ‘first ID card’) – 3 gov’t agencies gave their first cédulas to 250 infants el ultimo sábado. In this way, the children will be able to access the benefits the National Government provides. <Assuming the gov’t has the money to pay for those benefits.> The Registro Civil said that the cost of issuing a cédula remains at $5 for the first time, and doesn’t require scheduling an appointment in the virtual platform of the agency. Also, adultos mayores who want to renew their cédulas can go to and pick an office and date for the service. <I know there have to be some of you coming up on your 10th anniversaries here.>

To pay in cash, go to locations of the Red Activa of Western Union, ServiPagos, PagoÁgil, Banco Pichincha Me Vecino or Banco del Pacifico. You’ll need to give them the number of the cédula. If you pay digitally, go to and pay with Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club or Discover credit card. <Maybe you shouldn’t leave home without your American Express card, but it doesn’t seem like you can use it to make this payment from your home.>

Sucesos –

Dotarán armas no letales a la Guardia Ciudadana (Non-lethal weapons to be provided to the Citizen Guard) – The Guardia Ciudadana controls good use of public spaces and collaborates in the security of the canton. They will be be empowered and authorized to use non-lethal weapons with each guard receiving a baton or PR24, chemical gas <mace?>, flashlight, and weapon belt. They can also ask for stun guns which are being analyzed since they can present a risk to the person who is shot with one. The stun guns can be requested only by groups on complex operations or interventions.

Currently the guards receive safety vests against cuts <Evidently there hasn’t been much worry about the guardias getting shot. At least not here in Cuenca – yet.> and tactical safety helmets. Before receiving the weapons, guards will get training on how to use the batons and gas. There will also be training on the proper use of the weapons and about respect for human rights. The goal is to only use these non-lethal weapons as a last resort when there is no other method of protection. There have been past incidents in which Guardia Ciudadano officers have been attacked or stabbed.

Nacional –

De El Mercurio del martes, 5/3 (1 article):
IVA se reducirá al 8% por la Semana Santa (VAT to be reduced to 8% for Easter Week) – By Executive Decree No. 190, Pres. Noboa reduced the IVA to 8% for all tourist services during the Semana Santa holidays. <Shoot, do you think buying a car to tour the country would count as a tourist service?> The days of the reduction are el viernes el 29, sábado el 30 y domingo el 31 de marzo. Registered tourist services in the areas of lodging, food and drink, and transportation dedicated principally for tourism, operation, brokerage and agencies are covered. <I guess going out and buying a car won’t be on the to-do list.>

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