Ana Luisa Spanish Classes June 24th Enrolment open


Join us for our Spanish session which begins on Monday, June 24th

Regular session: June 24th – August 2nd, 2024.

Our goal with the oral approach method is to involve our students and others who are learning Spanish in experiences that provide the opportunity to know more about the daily lives of people, and learn about the culture through classes in group, lectures and optional students’ trip.

We have multiple levels to accommodate everyone. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, with sub-levels in each of them, so that a student finds their appropriate level. Classes are shaped around these elements and activities: comprehension, interest, involvement, and meaningful repetition.

Each class has a Spanish Grammar lesson plans, activities and Story Learning that uses the power of story to teach you Spanish from the very beginning. That teaches vocabulary in a highly comprehensible and contextualized manner

The Session includes 18 hours of instruction over a 6-week period and meets twice per week for 1.5 hours, and comes with 2 story books and handouts
Cost $100.

Optional Activities:

Every class session we have optional cultural lectures with local artisans, artists, archaeologists, and other people with knowledge of the cultural legacy and natural wealth of the country.

Cultural Lecture: July 30th
Student trip: August 3rd

Classes will meet at Raquel Steak House Address. Puente Juana de Oro
To see the map:

To determine your level, please take the exam by clicking on the link:

Ana Luisa Spanish Classes


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