“Cuenca, Ecuador” as the new Dental Tourism Capital of the World?

Jan 1, 2022

Amazing as it seems, with the tremendous year after year double (and in some years triple digit) growth of Tourists in Ecuador, Expats who decide to move to the country and do so each day in droves (more often than not to Cuenca specifically as shown here: https://cuencahighlife.com/planning-your-life-and-or-retirement-in-ecuador/), American and Canadian Dental Tourists have skyrocketed the city of Cuenca to the realm of boating almost an entire country’s worth of Dental Tourism procedures and vacations (https://cuencahighlife.com/getting-your-dental-care-done-in-ecuador/).

The dramatic levels of increase in Dental Tourist stays year over year (and during the Covid-19 pandemic yet) is at an amount that pits the singular city of Cuenca in direct competition against whole entire countries (not just individual cities) which historically were much more called upon for the logistical dynamics of Dental Tourism, such as for example, Brazil, Costa Rica, Hungary, Mexico and Turkey. Though at this time, those same such countries would gladly “pull teeth” (mind the pun) so as to have that additional tourism revenue come their way rather than so much of it now go to the singular city of Cuenca (say nothing of the spillover effect for the benefit of the rest of Ecuador). This, besides the fact that Cuenca was just named one of the world’s leading cities in the percentage of “fully administered double dose Covid-19 vaccines” and is officially the very first city in all of Ecuador to have reached the coveted international (and medical) gold standard of mass vaccination induced “Herd Immunity” for its presently 700,000+ population (https://cuencahighlife.com/cuenca-is-the-first-city-to-reach-herd-immunity-in-ecuador-while-azuay-is-the-first-province/).

Really though, it should be no wonder at all as per how or why the above referenced stratospheric rise in Dental Tourism vacations to Cuenca has occurred. Because, firstly, Cuenca (and Ecuador in its entirety) only accept/utilize the US Dollar as it’s sole currency, and so no foreign currencies (and thus no foreign exchange) per the likes of those former herein mentioned past Dental Tourism centric countries’ monetary denominations are required for the payment of dental and/or travel costs while in Cuenca or anywhere else in Ecuador, plus those countries’ currencies are far lesser known to Americans and Canadians (or even their local/national banks) and generally are prone to having a much higher inflationary tendency as legal tender when in the form of the “Real, Colón, Forint, Peso or Lira” (https://cuencahighlife.com/high-inflation-rates-return-to-latin-america-putting-strains-on-governments-and-spooking-investors/).  Towards that end, a Cuenca Dental Clinic will even graciously accept US checks for payment by American Dental Tourists (even Canadian citizens who have US Dollar accounts/checks as so many do), since Ecuadorian banks will also cash standard US checks, it’s become quite the norm for a Dental Clinic in Cuenca or its operator to have their own US bank account for purposes of accommodating US domestic electronic transfers or wires on behalf of foreigner patients (i.e. a payment made from a Dental Tourist’s US bank account in like manner to the Cuenca Dental Clinic’s own applicable US bank account). US and Canadian credit cards are also easily processed via PayPal or otherwise in Cuenca if/when needed or preferred by any Dental Tourist. With such seamlessness and simplicity for a US or Canadian citizen to not have any payment or money exchange matters be any issue, it’s quite understandable why Dental Tourists now so frequently abound in Cuenca. Naturally too, that’s aside from Cuenca Dental Work prices normally being 60-80% less than those of US and Canadian counterparts (https://cuencahighlife.com/dental-vacations-are-the-new-normal-for-getting-dental-work-done/) – at such a big savings, even European Dental Tourists are coming to Cuenca these days so as to get the biggest bank for their “Euro” or other form of “buck”.

Moreover, the ease of Expats traveling on direct flights to Ecuador in departing from Atlanta, Miami and Houston in the US (for Canadians they’re available straight out of Toronto), it’s no longer a full “hop, skip and a jump” to get to Cuenca, as usually now in less than half a day you can have left your home in your North American city of residence and just hours later counted by the fingers on your hands are already sitting in your hotel or Airbnb in Cuenca (many good ones of those exist too – if you write me at info@findhealthinecuador.com I’ll be glad to send you the links to a few!), you’re then ready to either dine out on the town or to turn in for bed so as to start fresh the next morning.  As a result, you begin your first full day in Cuenca relaxed, ready to have a good old reliable American style breakfast at any number of friendly and English speaking hosts/restaurants all around the town. As well, regardless of the day, week or month it is, the year round spring-like climate, friendly Cuencanos and fellow Americans/Canadians whom are constantly found on Cuenca’s streets, further lends enjoyment, helpfulness and positivity to your time out and about as you tour the city and its majestic mountainous surroundings, cloud forests and volcanic pool spas such as those found at “Piedra de Agua” (https://piedradeagua.com.ec/) and Novaqua (https://www.novaqua.com.ec/en/spa-novaqua-home/) – lest you forget that while in Cuenca you’re in the Andes at approximately 8,000 feet and therefore have a whole new fresh air environment to explore.

And without question, your English speaking Dentist in Cuenca is also well able to provide you with abundant local resources, like say, for an English speaking taxi in coordinating your airport transfers and getting around the country, tourism extension options for places such as the Amazon and coast of Ecuador, including even for the world renowned Galapagos Islands famed by Charles Darwin’s investigations on evolution (they’re located about 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador in case you wish to take a less than 2 hour flight there or alternatively embark on a several day luxury cruise as your elective post-excursion activity), you’ll never run out of options and things to do if you also might wish to cram in other attractions in the country besides hanging out around town mingling and visiting local Cuenca hot spots such as the local favorite restaurants of “Kolo” (https://www.facebook.com/Kolo-Restaurant-and-Bakery-103331078504416/), “Sports Planet” (https://www.facebook.com/Sports-Planet-Cuenca-106359429397440/) and “Tiesto’s” (http://www.tiestoscaferestaurant.com/).

In sum, undoubtedly you can’t go wrong these days with a Dental Tourism trip to Cuenca, especially for the more typical higher cost type Dental Work, where Cuenca/Ecuador excels in now very possibly being the best country/place in the world for Dental Implants as an excellent example of its prowess as a best Dental Tourism destination.  And of course, if you have any questions about arranging your Dental trip or what’s most “apropos” to inquire about on behalf of yourself, a family member or friend who need(s) to get some teeth (or a lack thereof) fixed or replaced in the right way at the lowest cost available in the western world, always I’m glad to field any Dental Tourist’s questions and provide additional resources at a whim (I have a less than 24 hour email reply policy and most often it’s far closer to 24 minutes – even on the weekends)!

Adam Elliot Altholtz serves as the Administrator & Patient Coordinator of the “Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic” in Cuenca, Ecuador, and for purposes of discussing your Dental needs or questions, is available via email at info@findhealthinecuador.com and via the Dental Clinic's fully comprehensive and detailed website of www.findhealthinecuador.com for you to visit at any time of day or night - including via US phone number of 1­‐(941)‐227‐0114 or on the Dental Clinic’s Ecuador phone number of 07‐410­‐8745.