Cuenca Salmon continues to expand its service and to add new products

Oct 29, 2020

By Lenny Charnoff

The other day a long time customer said that “Cuenca Salmon reminds me of Trader Joe’s in the United States”.

I said, “Thank you, for the compliment. I appreciate the positive comparison. Can you tell me why?”

“Here’s why,” she answered. “With points I earn on the Frequent Purchase Program,

  1. the prices are very affordable,
  2. You have exotic products like aged beef from Uruguay, salmon from Chile and paiche from the Amazon. You have healthy organics like Shrimp and Tilapia. Plus, your eco-friendly policy to recycle shopping bags appeals to me.”

I reflected on these points as I considered this article, customers can order from any way they are comfortable.

Cuenca Salmon recently added Galapagos lobster to its offerings.

The website offers the best choice because each product earns Frequent Buyer points for a future purchase. I have several customers who are pescadorians — they order fish every week. They often save $10 or more by using the web site.

Of course, there are customers who are tech phobic, not comfortable using a website to order food. They can call or email me their order.

Some customers are more comfortable with Facebook or WhatsApp and I can accept orders that way, as well.

I usually don’t work on Sundays but a good customer called me one lazy Sunday morning saying she was having unexpected guests, could she get some steaks delivered. I have a superb dedicated moto driver delivering for me. I contacted him to deliver the order by 3:30 p.m. I suggested to the customer that I take the steaks out of my freezer and start the defrosting process so that the steaks would be ready for grilling upon delivery.

Lenny’s trademark salmon continues to be a top seller.

I am constantly on the lookout for healthy product to add to the inventory while helping support local businesses. Our latest additions: sugar free chocolate, lobster tails and whole lobster, as well as some sugar free jams.

I enjoy supporting local charities like GRACE and Mujeres cont Exito women’s shelter. I am able to support local artists in Cuenca by buying commercials at the La Guarida Restaurant Film Nights. This money goes directly to the performing artist.

I write a weekly newsletter that contains healthy fish tips, recipes for different products and specials. Subscribers submit their favorite recipes. Every recipe selected wins a free portion of salmon for the customer. A favorite in the newsletter is the weekly trivia contest. The first right answer wins a portion of salmon. Once a quarter I try extra hard to stump my customers. For this quarterly trivia, each correct answer wins a portion of fish.

To see all Cuenca Salmon’s products and to sign up for Lenny’s newsletter, go to the website. Lenny’s email is


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