First ‘intelligent’ bus stop inaugurated; Water bills headed higher; IESS seeks member suggestions

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Viernes, 2/2/2024

Hola, Todos –

Jappy Día del Groundjog.

Actividades –

Una feria gastronómica se organiza en San Joaquín (A gastronomic fair is being organized in San Joaquín) – San Joaquín is readying a gastronomic and entrepreneurial fair from 8 to 11/2 to celebrate 79 years of political emancipation. It will be in the area around the central plaza.

Fiestas en El Valle – The Parish Junta has organized different activities for Carnaval which will start on el domingo, 4/2 with a traditional corso (childrens’ parade?) along the main streets. There will also be Carnaval events in the Malguay, Gualalcay, Quillopungo and other communities on el 10 & 11/2.|

Titular –

Paradas anuncian horarios de buses (Bus stops announce bus schedules) – The city will have 21 ‘intelligent bus stops,’ of which 10 will be improved existing stops and 11 totally new. These stops have an electronic panel with the arrival times for public buses in real time. There is also a panic button which is linked to the Consejo de Seguridad Ciudadana (CSC) monitoring system. Riders can also use free internet through the wifi signal.

The first stop was inaugurated ayer at av. Fray Vicente Solano y 12 de Abril. The other 10 stops to be improved will be ready in 3 months. Locations include 3 in the Solano y 12 de abril sector, 1 each at Solano y Agustín Cueva (U. of Cuenca), Solano y 10 de Agosto (De La Salle), Pres. Córdova y Borrero, Elia Liut y Calle Vieja (UPS), y 24 de Mayo y Las Garzas (UDA). There is a study to determine the locations of the 11 new stops which will be on main arteries where there are a lot of people such as along Huayna Cápac, González Suárez, De Las Américas and others. <A truly intelligent stop would tell me what bus to get on to get to where I want to go. It would also be a mind reading stop.>

Cuenca –

Desde marzo se aplicarán las nuevas tarifas de agua (New water rates will be applied as of March) – ETAPA will start applying new water rates starting in marzo, 2024. If you consume 10 cu. m/month, you will pay $13.98 where before you paid $11.58. For consumption of 16 cu. m/mo., the payment will go from $17.60 to $20.28. ETAPA data shows at least 62% of the population of Cuenca is in this range of consumption. There will be a discount of 40% for people with disabilities and seniors. There will also be discounts for shelters, orphanages, and retirement homes. <I guess my house counts as a retirement home.>

Seguridad Social – IESS will be taking citizens’ input on how to reform social security. The goal is to promote an extensive national dialogue to meet the needs of and take suggestions and comments from its insured, affiliates, pensioners, retirees and users about changes IESS needs to make. <Getting the money owed to it by the Government would be a good start on solutions.> Submit your input on WhatsApp at 099 998 8234 or email <I’m sure your response in Spanish would be appreciated even if your complaint is that you can´t receive services in English.>

And that’s all for today so hasta ? –



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