Following Jorge Glas drama, Correistas pick a candidate; Field almost complete for August election

Jun 12, 2023 | 49 comments

The announced presidential candidates for the August cross death election.

Former National Assemblywoman Luisa González accepted the Citizens Revolution presidential nomination Saturday after former vice president Jorge Glas declined it. The Correismo presidential candidate in the 2021 election, Andrés Arauz, will be the party’s vice-presidential candidate.

The selection of González concluded a day of high drama at the Citizens Revolution party meeting in Portoviejo. Former president Rafael Correa, who participated in the meeting via the internet, and other party leaders nominated Glas, whose political rights had been restored Friday by a National Court judge.

The Correista presidential ticket, Luisa González (right) and Andrés Arauz (left) with former vice president Jorge Glas.

Glas, who is serving two criminal sentences, was released from prison earlier this year and remains free pending appeals. In declining the nomination, Glas said his legal status makes it “risky and difficult” for him to pursue the presidency.

Under the constitution, Glas is ineligible to run for or hold political office because of the convictions. President of the National Court Iván Saquicela said Friday night that the judge’s order restoring Glas’ political rights was illegal and would not stand.

On Saturday, police in Milagro raided the office of Judge Jhon Rodríguez, who ordered the restoration of Glas’ rights. He is charged with the crimes of “prevarication” and constitutional violation. As of Sunday, the judge had not been located by police who consider him to be on the run.

In comments declining the nomination, Glas insisted that Correa will return soon to Ecuador despite his fugitive status for a corruption conviction. “There is no force in this world that will stop the return of Rafael Correa to Ecuador,” Glas said. “Our dear leader will preside over the restoration of the Citizens Revolution in the homeland.”

With González’s nomination, the presidential field for the August cross death election is almost complete, according to officials of the National Elections Commission. Tuesday, June 13, is the deadline for candidates to register with the CNE.

In addition to González, other announced presidential candidates are Fernando Villavicencio (Construye); Otto Sonnenholzner (Alianza Actuemos); Jan Topic (independent supported by the Social Christian Party); Yaku Pérez (Claro que se Puede and Somos Agua); Bolivar Armijos (Amigos); Xavier Hervas (Reto); and Daniel Noboa (Independent).


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