From Ecuador’s famous artisan markets direct to your home

Jul 19, 2021

Sponsored post originally published on 01/09/2020

Alpaca ‘Ladies of Chimborazo’

Ecuador is famous for its vibrant woven textiles, especially from alpaca wool, which has an exquisite texture that gives extra lightness and warmth.  The alpacas from the Chimborazo region are known as the ‘Ladies of Chimborazo’ for their especially soft fur and elegance, and the textiles made by indigenous artisans in Otavalo and other areas throughout the Andes are world-renown.

The newly launched online business ‘Ecuapaca’ represents the union of the words Ecuador and alpaca. Most of the Ecuapaca’s clothing is made from alpaca — if you’ve never felt alpaca, you are in for a real treat. Alpaca is soft, durable, and silky… it’s ultra-warm and because it has no lanolin, it is hypoallergenic.

Mountain Cape

Roxi Guerrero, the young entrepreneur and founder of Ecuapaca, has sourced authentic artisan clothing, blankets, and home accessories for her nascent business, and is merchandising these hand-picked items here in Cuenca and online. Ecuapaca makes shopping for these unique items easy, affordable, and reliable.

Excitingly, customers can order them online to be shipped at special discounted rates back to any address in the United States — often, shipping costs are prohibitively expensive. Your family and friends will be thrilled with these special gifts.

If you’ve been to Cuenca, or to any of the dozens of markets in every city or gift shop, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the number of vendors selling what looks like the exact same items piled high to the ceilings. How do you know what is really alpaca? What is a fair price for a blanket or sweater? It can be very confusing and frustrating.

That is why Ecuapaca is a great solution; both for shipping gifts back to the United States, or for purchasing items for your own pleasure or to gift to friends here in Cuenca.

ChakukPaca Jacket

Log onto the Ecuapaca website and take a ‘virtual tour’ around the marketplace from the convenience of your own home, knowing that all of the items were personally sourced and vetted by Roxi, and are genuine.

Explore the clothing– the jackets, sweaters, capes, and shawls. In addition to clothing, Ecuapaca features Muskuy blankets, made from the softest sheep’s wool, woven with unique and colorful patterns — these blankets are luxuriously light while incredibly warm. Looking to brighten up your home? Artisan tablecloths and runners are the perfect accessories.

And if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for — if you’d like a different size, color, or pattern —Roxi will work with you to find that perfect item.

Delivery in Cuenca is free, and shipping to the U.S. is only $30 — that is a flat rate per order, not per item — standard delivery DHL from five to seven days.

Best of all, readers of get a coupon good for 15% off their first order? You just have to use the following coupon at checkout: CHL15%OFF

Don’t miss this opportunity to make someone’s life a lot more beautiful and brighter.

Ecuador’s Handcrafted & Textile Creations
USA telephone: +1 804-504-1902


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