Glas declares war on Moreno; Despite new bribery allegations, VP says he will not resign

Aug 2, 2017 | 0 comments

Vice President Jorge Glas lashed out at President Lenin Moreno in a press release Wednesday afternoon, claiming that Moreno has abandoned the political principles established by former president Rafael Correa. Despite growing pressures for his resignation, Glas said he would not step down voluntarily.

President Lenin Moreno discusses corruption Wednesday.

Glas’ comments came a day after publication of a conversation transcript in which an official of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht said Glas had demanded and received bribes.

The vice president’s statement followed comments by Moreno in which the president said he would make a decision regarding corruption cases, including Glas’, at the appropriate time. Moreno said he wanted the country’s justice system to carry out its investigations independently, without outside pressure, including that from the executive branch of government.

Clearly aligning himself with Alianza País supporters of Correa who oppose many of Moreno’s policies, Glas said that Moreno had forgotten that he was elected to continue the work begun by Correa. “He was chosen by the majority of voters based on very clear and firm ideological principles — principles that cannot be negotiated or given up.”

In particular, Glas criticized Moreno for holding meetings with leaders of political parties and organizations that he said “oppose the ideals of Alianza País and the Citizens Revoluation.” Glas also said Moreno made a mistake when he reorganized government-owned media.

Glas’ press release contained a number of passages taken verbatim from recent Correa Tweets.

On Wednesday morning, political parties of both the left and right, demanded Glas’s resignation. La Izquierda Democrática, la Unidad Popular, and CREO, said the new corruption evidence required that he step down. In addition, the independent Anti-Corruption Commission recommended that he resign.
Several National Assembly members called on the federal prosecutor’s office to bar Glas from leaving the country while the Odebrecht investigation proceeds, contending that he posed a flight risk.


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