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Groups want to stop Correa from leaving Ecuador

Carlos Pérez, leader of the Ecuarunari indigenous movement, has filed a request with the attorney general’s office to prevent former president Rafael Correa from leaving the country. Correa is currently in Ecuador leading the “no” campaign against President Lenin Moreno’s February 4 referendum.

Carlos Pérez, leader of the Ecuarunari movement

Pérez claims that Correa committed financial and human rights crimes during his presidency that should be investigated and legally resolved before he is allowed to leave Ecuador for his home in Belgium.

In a separate action, the Pichincha Bar Association is also requesting that Correa not be allowed to leave the country based on alleged acts of corruption.

Bar association president Ramiro García held a press conference Wednesday, to lay out the corruption charges. “The Correa presidency was rife with acts of bribery and influence peddling and we are asking the attorney general to look into these matters before Mr. Correa is allowed to return home.”

Also attending the press conference was political activist Fernando Villavicencio who joined the bar association petition.

According to Pérez, Correa should be investigated for lying about the public debt and making secret deals with the Chinese government. “He publicly stated that the public debt was $37.8 billion when he left office,” Pérez said. “The fact was, when Lenin Moreno took became president he discovered the debt was actually $58 billion. We are also requesting that the prosecutor look in to the movement of government funds between Ecuador and Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar and other tax havens.”

Perez and Ecuarunari are also claiming that Correa committed crimes against indigenous people during political protests in 2015.

11 thoughts on “Groups want to stop Correa from leaving Ecuador

    1. LOL! That is funny. He should be required to get an FBI report and a State police report since he lived in the USA.

  1. Correa bet the farm on the price oil at $100 and rising. He initially banned oil and other mineral exploration either to win favor with the indiginous people or out of altruistic environmentalism (take your pick). Either way, oil shit the bucket and he reversed the exploration ban betraying his jungle constituency. It was all too little, too late and he covered up the debt in a vane attempt to save his vanity from public scorn.

    1. You keep doing it Kevin. Great post with a glaring spelling error. You’re driving the spelling/grammar Nazi crazy

      Vain, not vane.

    2. There is literally not a single true fact in that post. It’s like you get all your information from Facebook comments. I mean, seriously. How can you write an entire post and not have a single true fact anywhere in it?

  2. What a complete bastardization of the law Carlos Pérez is calling for. I’ve never been a Correa supporter but if Correa isn’t afforded the same protection under our laws as every other citizen, how can any of us feel sure that the same protections won’t be denied any of us?

  3. Keep in mind this is the same Carlos Perez Guartambel who claimed the police arrested him and broke his jaw the night of the anti-inheritance tax protests in Quito when he and his girlfriend (the French-Brazilian professor they’re now calling a journalist) broke through the police barricades in an attempt to attack a pro-Correa group at the Plaza Grande. Within hours he was forced to recant his story after dozens of videos surfaced on social media showing not only did the police not arrest him, they completely ignored him and walked by as she shouted drunken insults. It was only after he yelled threats did they bother to ask for ID. Unfortunately for his girlfriend, they also asked for hers, which she did not have so she was taken into custody. A search of the immigration records revealed she has been working here all these years without a visa and she was deported.

    BTW, the reporter might want to update the story. His name isn’t Carlos Perez anymore. He legally changed it last year to Yaku Sacha. He was tired of everyone of everyone making fun of the fact that he is a mestizo leader of an indigenous organization so he decided to rebrand.

    The fact any journalist still quotes this guy is testament to how desperate they need a narrative at any cost.

    1. I hate Correa (yes I’m ecuadorian) but this Guy Carlos Perez is not near the word “mestizo”, he looks indigenous, he is obviously a “cholo” son of indigenous and mestizos, if he was a mestizo (half white) he wouldn’t have strong indigenous features (I know this because I see myself in the mirror everyday) I’m a mestizo. Cholos don’t see themselves as mestizos, they kinda hate us because they are more indigenous than us (they are 70% to 90% indigenous) they only like foreign people with white skin, they don’t marry mestizos or indigenous, only cholas and white people. Also the mestizo community don’t see cholos as mestizos (mestizos even make terrible jokes about them).

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