Low river levels increase pollution danger; 50,000 will participate in Pase del Niño; City reduces use of Christmas lights; Christmas fairs and concerts

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Viernes, 15/12/2023

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

“Expresiones e historias de vida” en exposición (An exhibit, “Expressions and stories of life”) – There is a show at the Museo de los >Metals to promote and visualize the creativity of people with neurodegenerative conditions. The goal of the show is to see the abilities of people with neurodegenerative illnesses such as Parkinsons, and recognize and value their talents as artists. The show is open lunes a viernes from 11-13:00 and from 16-18:00.

Organizers of the Cuenca’s Pase del Niño say more than 50,000 will participate in the Christmas Eve parade. Another 150,000 are expected to line the parade route.

Ferias navideñas en tres sitios del Centro Histórico (Christmas Fairs at 3 Centro Histórico sites) – The Empresa de Desarrollo Económico (EDEC EP) has organized fairs where craftspeople can have a space to sell their work at the Plaza del Portal Artesanal (Bolívar y av. Huayna Cápac), Calle del Artista (near the Catedral Nueva), and the Plaza de la Merced (Borrero y Calle Larga). The first 2 locations will be open until el 25/12. The fair at la Merced will be open from today until el 17/12. Hours are from 11-20:00. There will be puppet show el domingo and a musical show with the Magenta y Carmen Vallejo group at la Merced.

De El Mercurio del jueves, 14/12 (1 article):
Conciertos en teatros – On the 20 & 21/12, the Orquesta Sinfónica and the Coro Polifónico of the Universidad de Cuenca will present a Christmas concert. The concert will also include the students of the OrQuesta Institucional del Deutshe Schule Cuenca. Free.

Titular –

29 detenidos en megaoperativo (29 arrested in mega-operation) – See today’s article in CHL or story.

De El Mercurio del jueves, 14/12 (1 article):
Todo listo para el Pase del Niño (Everything ready for the Pase del Niño) – The Archdiocese of Cuenca is hoping for an overflowing river of people <Hopefully, the rivers will also be overflowing, or at least full.> in the Pase del Niño Viajero. At least 50,000 people are expected to participate in the parade on el 24/12. The program will start at 7AM el 24/12. The Niño Viajero will be flown over Cuenca in a helicopter to bless the city. <How will we know he’s actually in the helicopter and not just hanging out in the New Cathedral?> At 8:30 there will be a traditional mass, and at 10:00 the Niño will leave the Catedral Nueva to join the parade which will head for San Sebastián where all the participants will meet. Once the Niño has been shared with his followers, he will return to the Monasterio del Carmen at 15:00.

The parade will have the help of ambulances, paramedics and will be monitored by Consejo de Seguridad Ciudadana cameras. There will also be carros alegóricos (floats and decorated cars <and horses, other vehicles, and maybe a donkey or two. The 4 footed asses, not the ones on 2 feet who will be hanging out online in the comments sections.>)

So far 50 vehicles have registered and it is hoped that number will double. If you want to register a car, go to the Curia at calles Bolívar y Luis Cordero. There is no cost to register. Vehicles should park starting from the redondel at the colegio Los Corazons the night before the parade. There are events before the parade that followers of el Niño can participate in including an announcement el 15/12 a las 10:00 in the Santuario de la Carmen de la Asunción. There will be an evening mass el 23/12 with the padrinos of the parade (Policía Nacional, Mercado 3 de Noviembre y el Movimiento Neocatecumenal) a las 18:00 in the Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción. On el 17/12, the Pulla family which makes the chicha they share along parade route has organized a blessing of the chicha and bread. It will start at 16:00 in the condominio “Los Angeles” on calles Alejandro Andrade y Carlos Arízaga Vega.

Cuenca –

Contaminación en ríos secos (Pollution in dry rivers) – The Tomebamba and Tarqui rivers, were practically dry ayer with flows in the Tomebamba at .77 cubic meters/second when normal flow is about 7 cu. m./sec. The Tarqui was at .78 instead of the normal 7. The Yanuncay and Machángara were also extremely low with 1.42 cubic meters/sec. instead of 6, and 3.63 instead of 4.5 respectively. Biologist Armando Martínez made a comparison with the human body and said that bodies of water such as wetlands and rivers were like nature’s riñones (kidneys – your word for the day. <If you like offal, you can get an order of riñones at parrilladas. Sorry, I don’t know of a restaurant that serves steak and kidney pie for all of you homesick Brits.>

Martínez said that when rivers get dry, there are serious alterations to the environment which can provoke illnesses and pollution. The problems go much further than potable water and electrical generation since hundreds of fish, amphibians and microorganisms die. When they decompose, that can be a serious agent of pollution for humans and nature. The inter-relationships between the quantity of water, and its physical, chemical, and biological characteristics is complicated.

Medical doctor Marcela Alarcón, said the dust from the low water levels can irritate bronchial passages and worsen chronic lung diseases. If there isn’t enough water in the rivers to be purified or cleaned, it can have sanitary repercussions since rivers play an important <as in vital?> part in carrying away wastewater. She recommended that people stay out of the rivers since there can be sediments with mineral substances and wastes that can be contaminants.

Por ahorro, la iluminación navideña reducirá horario (To save energy, Christmas lights will have reduced hours) – Mayor Zamora said that as an energy saving measure, the Christmas lights will be lit from 18:30 – 00:00 from lunes a viernes, and from 18:30 – 2:00 los sábado y domingos. <I woke up at 4:30 last night and the big tree was still lit. The mayor must have been reading CHL and gringos’ bah-humbug complaints about wasting energy on Christmas lights.> Zamora also clarified that the electrical consumption by the Christman lights is the same as the consumption by 16 houses because the illuminations use LED lights. He said that there will be a pilot project this weekend to make the streets around Parque Calderón pedestrian only to allow the passage of cars to turn right around corners. <I can’t find a way to translate that except literally, I can’t figure out how to make it make sense. Oh, well.>

Centro Sur recommmended use of LED bulbs and cleaning lamps to insure sufficient lighting. It also recommended not opening your refrigerator door constantly. <Just remember what your parents said when you opened the ref’r door and meditated on the contents. “Shut that **** door – you’re wasting electricity!”>

Un calendario con retablos dibujados con tinta hizo Lara (Lara has a calendar with altarpieces drawn in ink) – Artist Jaime Lara has issued a 2024 calendar with ink drawings of 6 altarpieces in the Carmen de la Asunción, San Francisco, Catedral Nueva, Las Conceptas, and San José churches, and the old María Auxiliadora church. The drawings are extremely complicated, and each took 2 months to draw. The level of detail takes a magnifying glass to appreciate. If you are interested in getting a copy, call the artist at 096 292 2812. Cost: $30.00. <Sounds like a bargain for all that work and talent.>

Descuentos y compras –

ETAFASHION – Sale in the whole store up to 50% off (conditions apply) – 16/12 from 8-15:00.

And that’s all for today so hasta ? –



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