Noboa confirms he will seek reelection in 2025

Feb 27, 2024 | 0 comments

President Daniel Noboa confirmed Monday he will run for reelection in February 2025. Earlier, he said he would “probably” run but was considering private business options as well.

President Danel Noboa

In an interview with CNN International, the president said the current 17-month term does not provide enough time to accomplish his objectives. “The cross death declaration means we are serving out the term of the previous government and this puts limitations on what can be achieved,” he said. “I have made a commitment to confront the country’s challenges, mostly to improve the lives of all Ecuadorians. My obligation is to restore security and improve the economic condition, especially for the young people who lack adequate employment opportunities.”

He added: “I believe my government has made a good start in the first three months but it will take more time to finish the work.”

If he decides to actively join the campaign in January 2025, Noboa said he would turn some presidential duties over to Vice President Veronica Abad, with whom he has had a troubled relationship. Ecuador law requires a president who officially joins the campaign to relinquish specified responsibilities to the vice president.

When the CNN interviewer asked if his high level of popularity might allow him to avoid active campaigning, he said, “Yes, that is a possibility.”


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