Pandemic reduces Thanksgiving options for U.S. expats – ‘Tis the season for take-out

Nov 25, 2020

With Covid-19 restrictions still in place, the number of Cuenca restaurants offering a sit-down Thanksgiving dinner is down significantly from previous years. A larger number are offering takeout service.

Dine-in Thanksgiving options are limited this year due to the pandemic but a number of restaurants will be serving.

Among restaurants offering dine-in service on Thursday are El Jardin in the Hotel Victoria on Calle Larga. Dinner will be accompanied by piano music from two to four and from seven to nine. The Thanksgiving meal will also be offered on Friday and Saturday, by appointment.

More more information, call 099 309 9131.

Other restaurant offering dine-in include:

Serafina Bistro at Roberto Crespo 3-9 and Miguel Cordero Davila. See their Facebook page for details.

Common Grounds at Gran Colombia and Unidad Nacional. For more information and reservations, call Cristian at 098 107 9406.

Don Colon at Mariscal Sucre at Benigno Malo. For more information and reservations call Colon at 099 827 0703 or 282 9397.

Sunrise Cafe at Calle Larga and Benigno Malo. See the Facebook page for details.

Mother and Son Family Kitchen at Ramona Cordero y Leon 3-77 in Puertas del Sol. See the Facebook page for details.

Many of the restaurants offering dine in service have provided a full menu in their Community Post notices.

All restaurants offering dine-in service are also offering take-out options. In addition, most local restaurants will be providing their usual take-out menu, some with a Thanksgiving option.


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