Support for Glas crumbles as former supporters say he should step down from the vice presidency

Oct 1, 2017 | 13 comments

For the first time, members of Alianza Pais (AP) are calling for the resignation of Vice President Jorge Glas. New revelations about Glas’ relationship with his uncle and what one party member calls the “distraction factor” have proven to be the tipping point.

National Assembly President Jose Serrano

“The controversy with the vice president is dominating our time and is taking us away from more important work,” said Daniel Mendoza, AP National Assemblyman Saturday. “It is time that he step aside.”

Jose Serrano, president of the National Assembly, reinforced Mendoza’s position. “From my point of view, the vice president must step aside,” he said. “I am steadfast in my belief that he is innocent until proven guilty but the new evidence tells me that the issue will not be resolved anytime soon and it is proving to be a distraction for our (AP’s) political project. He must face justice like any other man or woman in Ecuador. The current circumstances are unsustainable.”

Twenty members of AP met in a private house in Montecristi Saturday, prior to the 9th anniversary rally for the signing of the 2009 constitution to discuss the vice president’s status and other issues. Several of the members who attended the ceremony were members of the constituent assembly that wrote the constitution.

Within the past week, new information in the Odebrecht corruption scandal forced Glas to admit he had more interaction with his uncle, Ricardo Rivera, than he had previously admitted. Rivera, who owns a satellite television company, is under house arrest in Guayaquil for allegedly taking more than $13 million in bribes.

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Earlier Saturday, Glas said that he would step down as an AP party officer.

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