Surge makes Ecuador #1 in the world per capita in number of vaccinations administered each day

Jul 20, 2021

The demand for Covid-19 vaccines prompted by the arrival of the delta variant has made Ecuador number one in the world per capita in vaccines given each day. The surge began last week with the Health Ministry’s announcement that the delta variant had been found in at least two southern provinces.

Health Minister Ximena Garzón

According to the Our World in Data statistical tracking service, Ecuador has administered 1.83 vaccine doses a day for every 100 people during the last week. The country tops Portugal, Turkey, France and Sri Lanka in the ranking.

“This is very good news because it shows people understand the seriousness and danger of the pandemic,” says Guayaquil Emergency Operations Committee member Allan Hacay. “We received a wake-up call last week with delta but we must recognize that the ranking only shows we are catching up with much of the rest of the world in vaccinating the population.” He added that the country had lagged in per capita inoculations in the weeks prior to the arrival of delta.

Offering an example of the recent surge in demand, Hacay cited the case of one Gauyaquil vaccination center that expected a crowd of 2,000 on Sunday but had 10,000 instead.

According to Our World in Data, Ecuador was giving only 0.34 vaccines per 100 inhabitants two months ago. “The numbers have been increasing since President [Guillermo] Lasso launched his 9/100 vaccination plan in May but the increase was dramatic last week,” says Health Minister Ximena Garzón. “We hope to maintain this pace now that people understand that the pandemic is not over.”