Jueves, 11/2/2016: Landslides, LGBTI ordinance, Museum tour, Mining referendum

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

“El Invertido” – returns to Cuenca today and tomorrow at 20:00 at the Centro Cultural Imay (El Batán y El Oro). Cost: $5.00.chl jeanne logo

Someone dressed – like a butler will show you the Museo de la Ciudad (ex Escuela Central, although most of us haven’t been here long enough to remember it as a functioning school.) (Gran Colombia y Benigno Malo). You can visit it on Sat and Sun as part of the Ruta de los Museos. Catch the bus at 10:00 at Parque Calderón to tour the municipal museums.

Talleres de artes – Theater, painting, drawing and music workshops at the Centro Cultural Sono starting 15/2. There will be two groups, MWF and TuThF with each class lasting 2 hours. Go to el Sono (Borerro 6-83 y Pres. Córdova) or call 285 0859. (From what I know personally about you readers and your Spanish levels, going to the place is a better bet than taking up the telephone struggle.)

Articles about –

A project to bring back the medicinal garden by the Museo de las Conceptas which has a frangrance garden and other plants and trees. Where the patios of historic houses now have car parks, they used to have gardens. The museum is planning workshops on the use of medicinal plants for the summer vacations – first for school kids and then for the general public. (All of you looking or jugwort or Elmo’s Toes or whatever might be interested. Be patient – I bet there will be more announcements as plans get solidified.)

El Museo de la Ciudad will create spaces for films, temporary educational exhibits in culture and science, and showing traveling exhibits. They will open shows in March and April. (I’ve been to two city events there, and there are some nice spaces – empty spaces so far.)

The Bienal wants to repair the gap between art and the public. (Sounds good to me. You don’t attract many visitors if when the average Joe or Jane gets to the exhibit space, the first question is “Where’s the art? How come I have to walk through all this construction mess? You mean that was the art? I`m outta here.)

Otras cosas –

Titular – Consulta minera depende de la CC (Mining referendum depends on the CC – Constitutional Court). Two groups, one opposing the “Loma Larga” project and the other supporting, both from the cantons of Girón and San Fernando, are proposing referendums.

LGBTI Ordinance – the ordinance for inclusion and recognition and respect for sexual diversity and sex-gender was passed in Cuenca. The Cantonal Council for the Protection of Rights will monitor compliance.

Monday’s landslide – that isolated Chaucha will take a week to clean up. The 21 communities in the parish are cut off from the coast, their main trading area. There’s a picture of a guy carrying what looks like 3 bunches (the bananas still on a stalk and not the grocery store “hands”) of bananas up a foot trail – barely one person wide. There was another smaller slide on the vía Cuenca-Molleturo-Naranjal that didn’t impede traffic and was cleaned up immediately.

In Namarín – cuyes are being raised with music. The owner said technicians from Nabón suggested music so she connected a speaker to play whatever she was listening to herself while she did housework. She says the cuyes are always calm, some to the point they look like they’re sleeping. (I bet a calm cuy is a fat cuy.)

Your sliver of life article today is off the Business Page and about – a ranking of the top 1,000 businesses in Ecuador done by the EKOS Magazine. There were 30 in Cuenca including Marcimex S.A. at number 61 which earned $236 million in 2014 and paid $5.2 million in taxes. Also on the list were Grupo Ortíz e Hijos, Continental Tire Andina, Induglob, Almacenes Juan Eljuri down to the UPS.

Descuentos –

Creta (Mall del Rio) – special buffet lunches (from 12:00) and dinners (from 19:00) on 13 & 14/2 with more than 30 dishes and live music. Reserve at 2 881 477 or 099 78 41 827.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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