50 mountains to be climbed simultaneously, New tram chief, Afro-Ecuadorian culture, Beethoven’s 9th

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Jueves, 5/10/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Book launch and signing – “Orfila” by Javier Vásconez and illustrated by Roger Ycaza, will be presented el próximo miércoles a las 19:00 in the Corredor Sur bookstore (Pres. Córdova 5-55 y Hermano Miguel). Free.

Training workshop – La Galería Pájarogato will hold a workshop el sábado desde las 15:00 a las 17:00 on how to design the design of cultural projects. <I’m not sure what that means, in Spanish or English and probably all other languages as well.> Free, maximum 10.

1 Feria del libro (1st Book Fair) – Macas, capitol of Morona Santiago, will be holding its first book fair on 31/10 in the Plaza Randimpa. There will be publishers, writers, booksellers, jounalists, visual artists, meetings, poetry readings and workshops. <Wonder what the reaction would be if you showed up in a costume.>

Articles about –

Beethoven´s 9th – The OSC along with the choruses of the Conservatory, UDA, and the chorus of Faculty of Arts at the U. of Cuenca in it’s debut, will perform the 9th Symphony Friday a las 20:00 in the Catedral Vieja.

Foro – La Fundación Poder put on a forum hoy at 18:30 on the culture and perspectives of Afro-Ecuadorians. One of the organizations works with afroecuatoriano migrants in the US.

Palier (Bearing – like ball bearings) – This will be the new bookstore/café that will replace the “Pedro Páramo” bookstore in the CCE. It is scheduled to open on 28/10 with general interest books, a childrens’ and teen section, an area for fan-zines and self published books.

Poetry book – “Cierta manera de la luz sobre el cuerpo” (Some way of light on the body) by Aleyda Quevedo Rojas has been presented in Quito, Ambato, Riobamba, Cuenca, and today in Guayaquil.

Assambleas – There will be meetings as part of the “Ciudades Piloto” (Pilot Cities) project and for the municipality to build the Strategic Cantonal Plan for Culture to 2030. Starting el próximo martes, meetings for different sectors of the arts and culture are planned. All meetings are from 9-13:00 with the following schedule:

Martes – Museo de la Ciudad – Cultural Rights and Governance of Culture.
11/10 – Pasaje León – Patrimony, diversity and creativity.
12/10 – la Quinta Bolívar – Culture and education.
13/10 – MMAM – Culture and the environment.
There will be another set of meetings from 16-25/10.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Moreno encarga vicepresidencia (Moreno fills vice presidency) – See Thursday’s article in CHL for details.

Another one bites the dust – The 4th Tranvía director has resigned after only 4 months for health reasons. <As in the job was giving him ulcers, migraines, and driving him crazy?>

Glas – The legislators of the AP party have decided to leave Glas in the hands of justice to decide in a clean and transparent process, either his guilt or innocence.

Parque Nacional Cotopaxi – The park is reopening 2 years after the volcano erupted.

English – Knowledge of English in Latin America is low. According to the Education First Institute, it’s 3.8% below the rest of the world although the new generations are at a higher level. Part of not knowing English is the level of teaching. World Bank statistics show that Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, México, Panamá Perú and Uruguay represented 87% of the GDP of Latin America. <What’s left? Bolivia, Paraguay and the Guianas – or maybe not the Guianas since their official languages aren’t Spanish.>

Shelter – Peluditos will inaugurate a new animal shelter in Turi next to the parish cemetery on 15/10. The shelter will be called “Pulgosos Felices.” (Happy Flea Infested Ones). <That’s the description of you after a visit. Here´s a contractor’s trick for going into abandoned residential buildings – wear white socks. It’s easier to see the fleas you’re going to pick up.>

Escuela Taller – You can register for workshops in the Centro de Formación Artesanal Municipal Escuela Taller Cuenca (Cuenca Municipal School Workshop Center for Handicraft Training) on line at http://bit.ly/2xgEwDM or their new offices at General Escondón y Daniél Muñoz. Available classes are gardening, agroecology and nurseries, cabinetmaking and home decorations.

Internacional –

Puerto Rico – The governor of Puerto Rico raised the number of deaths from the hurricane to 34, and estimated physical damage at $90 billion. Only about 6% of customers of the Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica have power. Pres. Trump made a visit to an evangelical church in Guaynabo near San Juan where he was seen throwing rolls of paper towels. <So his audience can polish that golf trophy he dedicated to the hurricane victims.>

Continental US – The Las Vegas shooter was prescribed medicine in June for anxiety which could provoke aggressive behavior. He got 50 – 10 ml. pills of Valium. <Think about this – if the shooter was a Mohammed or Ali or Hassan – would the press be hinting that he was off his meds as a mitigating factor in 58 deaths?>

Deportes –

50 peaks – The Movimiento Nacional de Cumbres El Sadday is planning on climbing 50 Ecuadorian peaks simultaneously on 12/11. Of the mountains, there are 3 massive ones, one of which, Paraguillas, is in Azuay with a height of 4,450 m. above sea level. The other two in Azuay are El Ilaló in the Tumbaco valley at 3,161 m. and Ruco Pichincah at 4,698 m. The trailhead for the Paraguillas climb is 3 Cruces in the Cajas, and the climb is about 45-60 minutes and open to children accompanied by an adult. Meet in parque Calderón at 8:00 and return at 17:00. If interested, call Galo Carrión at 093 988 1943.

And that´s all for today so Hasta el jueves, 12/10.



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