Gas stoves in demand, Magic Flute, Flood emergency in Colombia, GLBT film festival, Musical arts

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Jueves, 16/11/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

Concierto – There was a concert to inaugurate a new piano in the Catedral Vieja Thurs. night.

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Mozart – La Flauta Mágica (The Magic Flute) will be performed Friday mañana a las 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz. Cost: $20 and $30 <which equals $50?>.

CCE – Work is being done by the Prefectura del Azuay to adapt the space to host showings during La Orquídea which starts on 24/11.

Laity – The Archdiocese of Cuenca has organized a national meeting of laity on 25 & 26/11.

Articles about –

Museo de las Conceptas – The museum closed a current show in the museum for not conforming to its mission to show only religious art. The museum is administered by the Curia Arquideocesana de Cuenca, the Banco Central del Ecuador Foundation, and the Hermanas Conceptas.

Casa de la Provincia – The restored building across the street from the parque de San Blas is hosing a show by Julio Montesinos Burbano.

XV Festival Internacional de Cine GLBT – The festival, “El Lugar sin Límites” (The place without limits) starts hoy with films from 21 countries including 26 full length fiction films, 6 short film documentaries, and 25 fiction short films. The festival will be in the auditorium of the Museo de la Ciudad (Benigno Malo y Gran Colombia, esq). Some short films will be shown on 23 & 24/11. There is also a photo exhibit by Paola Paredes of clandestine centers where families sent women to be made into heterosexuals.

Festival e Artes Musicales – The festival is organized by the Department of Musical Arts at the U. of Cuenca and will be from 20-24/11 with performances by the students and faculty. The schedule follows;
lunes – concierto a las 19:00 with jazz, rock, mixed, chamber group and chorus in the Museo Pumapungo; martes, 21/11 – conferences and workshops from 9:00 in the Fabián Carrasco auditorium on the Yanuncay campus; martes – concierto a las 19:00 in MMAM (Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno); miércoles, 22 – concierto with the U. of Cuenca Orquesta Sinfónica and Coro Polifónico a la 20:00 in the Museo Catedral Vieja; jueves, 23 – concierto with Lindsay Garritson from the US a las 19:00 in MMAM; viernes, 24 – concierto of soloists a las 19:00 in MMAM.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Litis jurídica por la reelección y el CPC (Legal litigation for re-election and CPC) – The Corte Constitucional heard arguments on the issues of indefinite re-elections and keeping the CPC (Consejo de Participación Ciudadana – Council of Citizen Participation).

Stoves – Appliance store customers are asking for gas ranges over induction ranges. <You can’t cook in a real wok or in clay pots on an induction stove. And everyone who told me was right. Food cooked in an olla de barra does taste better or richer. More umami?> Gas cookers cost from $380 to 1,200. $1,200 gets you 6 burner range with an oven. The induction ranges cost from $500-680.

Repatriation – 33 Ecuadorians who had finished prison sentences in the US were repatriated. The group of fishermen who had been convicted of drug trafficking were flown to Latacunga by the Air Force. <This sounds more up TAME’s alley than trying to transport paying passengers.> The Ecuadorian Cancillería (State Dept) knows of 61 Ecuadorians jailed in the US with 76% of those jailed for drug trafficking related crimes. The prisoners are mostly from Manabí and Esmeraldas where many fishing boats have been stopped in international waters. This number includes 15 women. <If the boats were international waters, why are they in prison in the US and not their country of origin? Does it just depend on who caught them?>

Textile Art – Ikat weaver José Jiménez from Gualaceo went to the Encuentro de Arte Textil “Tinkuy 2017” in Cuzco, Perú. During their 10 days in Cuzco, the exhibitors toured indigenous communities where they demonstrated their art. Jiménez works in wool, silk and cabuya which is extracted from penco and uses natural dyes and manufactured dyes. HIs workshop is in San Pedro de Los Olivos.

Fire – A family of 3 adults and 9 children ranging from 8 mo. to 17 years, lost everything in a fire in the sector Puycay near Challuabamba in Nulti Parish. The mother and two children were home when the fire started in the attic and spread quickly. Neighbors tried to put the fire out while they waited for the fire department which put out the fire. The fire department responded with water tank trucks and an ambulance in case it was needed. If you would like to make a donation, call the family direct at 099 574 5120.

Internacional –

Venezuela – According to Parlamento, the country has a debt close to $150 billion. A member of the Asamblea Nacional Constituyente said that the government will deal with the issue of refinancing, but it still has not defined the form for the restructuring. <In other words, they have absolutely no idea of what to do. Hire Correa as an economic consultant?>

Colombia – 9 “departamentos” (states) reported rain emergencies with overflowing rivers, damage to houses and vehicles, and people evacuated.

Descuentos y compras –

Ad for the Festival de Cine la Orquídea Cuenca – Special guest Sonia Braga – 76 films: 53 full length and 23 short films from 42 countries with 126 events, 3 open air events and 1 Autocinema (Drive in) <Now that sounds interesting. I wonder if they’ll arrange a snack shack or just rely on street vendors showing up.> – 24/11 to 1/12 –

Salon de Navidad – 22 “deslumbrantes´” (dazzling) collections – Centro Comercial Miraflores next to Juguetón.

Amacenes España – Crazy Night, up to 70% off – 16/11 only from 7pm – 10pm – deferred 12 mo. without interest and 3 months grace <So when the new “it” color comes out next year and you simply must to redo your kitchen, you might not have started making payments on the wrong color appliances from this year.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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