A defiant Jorge Glas calls his prosecution an abuse of power and ‘one of Ecuador’s darkest hours’

Nov 13, 2017 | 7 comments

In a message to his Alianza Pais (AP) supporters, Vice President Jorge Glas Tweeted Sunday that his “persecution and humiliation affects every citizen in the country.” Serving pre-trial detention in a Quito jail, Glas said that his is a case of “justice bowing to power.”

Vice President Jorge Glas

Glas is under indictment for his alleged role in the Odebrecht bribery scandal along with 12 others. The judge in the case is expected to set a trial date on Tuesday.

“The show mounted by the prosecutor not only lacks legality but seeks to destroy me and destroy everything that I represent,” Glas said. “The prosecutor says that I have received money without proving it, using the declaration of a corrupt person as proof. The case against me is a humiliation to all of Ecuador.”

He added: “Despite being in prison I continue to defend the decade gained,” he said, referring to the presidency of Rafael Correa.

Responding to Glas, AP assemblywoman Silvia Salgado, defended lead prosecutor Carlos Baca, noting that Baca was the attorney for Correa, a defender of Glas. “Carlos Bacas is an honorable man who understands the abuse of power and is working for real justice in this case.”

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