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Ecuador News

A defiant Jorge Glas calls his prosecution an abuse of power and ‘one of Ecuador’s darkest hours’

In a message to his Alianza Pais (AP) supporters, Vice President Jorge Glas Tweeted Sunday that his “persecution and humiliation affects every citizen in the country.” Serving pre-trial detention in a Quito jail, Glas said that his is a case of “justice bowing to power.”

Vice President Jorge Glas

Glas is under indictment for his alleged role in the Odebrecht bribery scandal along with 12 others. The judge in the case is expected to set a trial date on Tuesday.

“The show mounted by the prosecutor not only lacks legality but seeks to destroy me and destroy everything that I represent,” Glas said. “The prosecutor says that I have received money without proving it, using the declaration of a corrupt person as proof. The case against me is a humiliation to all of Ecuador.”

He added: “Despite being in prison I continue to defend the decade gained,” he said, referring to the presidency of Rafael Correa.

Responding to Glas, AP assemblywoman Silvia Salgado, defended lead prosecutor Carlos Baca, noting that Baca was the attorney for Correa, a defender of Glas. “Carlos Bacas is an honorable man who understands the abuse of power and is working for real justice in this case.”

  • Michael Berger

    This article has several mis translations and is also incomplete, it borders on fake news.

    If you look at the original tweet (see link below) what Glas was saying was that he challenged Oldebrect in the name of Ecuador and made them respect the country and now he is the subject of Oldebrect’s vengeance. Glas is claiming that a specific Oldebrect official who has been proven corrupt is the one who wants to destroy everything he stands for, not the prosecutor. He says the prosecutor wants to remove him (Glas) for political purposes.

    Here is the correct translation of a sentence that was grossly misrepresented in the first paragraph of the article above. Glas said “When justice bows to power and is used to persecute and humiliate every citizen must react” and later on he said “I ask in my name and my family’s name that you don’t faint, that you take up my cause as your own; today it’s me, tomorrow it could be any one of you”.

    It is worth noting that Glas benefited greatly from the corruption of the legal system when it was used against members of the press who refused to worship Correa and indigenous leaders who’s only crime was wanting to retain ownership of their land.

  • StillWatching

    Glas’ crocodile tears move me almost as much as yesterdays wail from Julius that he was being abused because he came from Canada where he got “free” medical care and now he has to pay for it. This is all part of the creation of a sense of entitlement that socialism causes in those, like Julius, that bask in its seeming largess of “something for nothing”.

    Of course, wherever socialist medicine reigns, people are really paying for that care through their much higher taxes, but they convince themselves that they are truly getting something for nothing. I know there is a word for that kind of thinking. Excuse me while I try to remember what it is…

    • StillAlive

      So Julius is blaming Americans for the fact he has to buy health insurance in Ecuador now? Poor baby.

      • StillWatching

        When you’re entitled, you’re entitled.

  • Galileo

    “The prosecutor says that I have received money without proving it, using the declaration of a corrupt person as proof. The case against me is a humiliation to all of Ecuador.”
    Sometimes a man has to use those available, even when they are sketchy, to gain testimony when all involved are of the same ilk.
    I agree, it is a humiliation to all HONEST Ecuadorians of which seems to be hard to find these days.

    • Katheryn

      Sadly, it is hard to find honesty anywhere in our world today. God has been removed and the decline in morality overall in all societies is what we are receiving. The word “human”, is slowly but surely being removed from the definition of humanity. Not preaching but would stake my life on it! Not only is the world being destroyed environmentally but also civilization becomes more uncivilized to fast to keep up with. I expect to be attacked by the many on this site who are non-believers, however, I would rather err on the side of caution that my beliefs based on science and faith are correct and I don’t give a hoot who attacks me here for that belief.

      • Karen Lynn Kennedy

        I agree with you….where there is serious decline in morality and values, civilization fails.

  • Katheryn

    I happy to read a rebuttal that is not an attack but a carefully thought out response. The Bible contains thousands of paragraphs that extrapolated in bits and pieces could be construed as barbaric. You are correct, human rights are being abused everywhere. This will always be true and we must stand up in great numbers to protect those rights. However, I still believe God also plays a part in the whole picture of life but gave us freedom of choice. But I further believe that if we as humans continue on the downhill slide we are on today be it Globalization or Separation, without any voluntary moral compass to follow will only lend itself to decay and destruction of all of humanity.