A few of the things I’ll miss for the next four weeks

Apr 25, 2021 | 15 comments

I received my first inoculation last week and imagined the worst was now behind us, but this is not to be. Once again the streets are drained, forcing restauranteurs and others to wonder how they can afford to feed their families. Street vendors are locked down. Fruit is over-ripening on the vine. Budding optimism has been nipped yet again…
I took a stroll through my neighborhood charting what I will miss.

A sunny morning in San Sebastian Plaza.

Street vendors preparing their ‘carts’.

Greeting the greeter at San Sebas.

Having a small cup of very fresh goat’s milk.

Folks bonding together.

Or breaking apart.

Or embracing time.

Babies seeking attention.

Old folks feeding pigeons.

And napping.

Street artists.


Wearing a fresh mask.