A full cultural agenda; Power outages suspended for the weekend; Norwegian adoptees look for their Ecuadorian families; Peru expels some Venezuelans

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Miércoles, 10/11/2023

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

Agenda cultural –
Concierto – 10/11, 20:00 – Cumbia sinfónica – Plaza de El Otorongo.
Teatro – 11/11, 11:00 – Chúa Fest – San Francisco.
Encuentro – 12/11, 10:00 – Ultimate Frisbee – Complejo Deportivo La Gloria.
Congreso – 14/11, 9:00 – Smart City – Antigua Escuela Central.
Concierto – 15/11, 20:00 – Rock sinfónico – Teatro Casa de la Cultura.

Kudai – 17/11 Cuenca, Caballo Campana – $48.72 – $108.08
Romeo Santos – 30/11 – A. Serrano Aguilar, Cuenca – $45 – $100.
Roger Waters – 9/12 – Quito, Estadio Atahualpa -$55 – $300.
Carlos Vives – 20/1/2024 – Cuenca, Estadio A. Serrano Aguilar – $30 $180.
Maná – 20/4/2024 – Quito, Estadio Atahualpa – $35 – $220.

In the 1980s and 1990s, many children from Cuenca, Guayaquil, Quito, Azogues and Ibarra were adopted by Norwiegian families. Now grown, some of those adoptees are looking for their birth families in Ecuador. (El Mercurio)

Cuenca acogerá los mejores del ‘freestyle’ (Cuenca will host the best of freestyle) – The grand national of ‘freestyle’ will be el sábado, 11/11 a las 14:00 in the Teatro Sucre with rappers from at least 10 cities competing. Free.

De El Mercurio del jueves, 9/11 (4 articles):

Conciertos de ‘El Triste’ en Cuenca y Argentina (‘El Triste’ concerts in Cuenca and Argentina) – Cuencano composer and musician, ‘El Triste,’ will present a concert Saturday 11/11 along with ‘Le Telefono’ and ‘Ivenno’ in La Terraza (Calle Larga 7-93). Tickets at the performance location. Cost: $5. ‘El Triste’ will also perform in Selina, el 27 & 29/11 in Buenos Aires.

‘Swing Original Monks’ presentan nuevo disco – The band will present its 4th CD called “Volcánico” with merengue, rock, balkan, cumbia, waltz, dembow, pasillo and electronic depending on the writer. The CD tells the story of Walter, of the mercado, and it reflects on living in ‘Absurdistán.’ <I think Absurdistan is my permanent mental state.> The CD is available on Spotify with the song “Amanecer” on YouTube.

Taller de manualidades navidénas, desde el 13 – From el 13/11 to el 5/11 <I think it should be el 5/12> a las 14:00, the dirección de Cultura de Cuenca will hold a free Christmas crafts workshop at the Casa Patrimonial Quinta Bolívar. If you want to participate, go to the Quinta Bolívar on av. 24 de Mayo next to the Gapal redondel.

Arte con fines ambientales (Art with environmental purposes) – Between el 11 & 17/11, “Chúa Fest” will be in the Plaza San Francisco. The photo and art exhibit will narrate the impact of garbage on the parks in Cuenca. The goal of the event, organized by EMAC, is to improved the way people manage waste through free cultural activities. The activities will start el sabado, 11/11 a las 11:00. <That’s easy to remember.> There will also be an environmental exchange. Whoever brings 10 plastic bottles will get an ornamental plant in exchange. <But will there be enough water in our future to keep that plant alive.>

Titular –

En busca de padres biológicos (In search of biological parents) – Children, mostly from Cuenca, Guayaquil, Quito, Azogues & Ibarra were taken from Ecuador to be given up for adoption in the 80’s & 90’s. Ecuadorians living in Norway with adoptive families are looking for their biological parents in Ecuador. According to a police investigation from 30 years ago, at least 13 pequeños (little ones) were taken to Norway through the Foro de Adopción de Oslo. At first, they were all adopted legally, but a series of complaints some were shown to be outside the law. In 1989, 5 suspects were were arrested in Ecuador for stealing and illegally offering children for adoption overseas. The Dirección Nacional de Delitos Contra la Vida, Muertes Violentas, Desapariciones, Extorsión y Secuestro (Dinased – National Directorate of Crimes against Life, Violent Deaths, Disappearances, Extortion and Kidnapping) is keeping this investigation open. The article featured several now grown Ecuadorians who are looking for their birth families.

Cuenca –

Durante el fin de semana se suspenderán los apagones (Power outages will be suspended over the weekend) – Rubén Benítez, executive president of the Empresa Eléctrica Regional Centro Sur (EERCS) announced that there will be no power shut offs el sábado y domingo. Power companies are publicizing the power outages until el 16/11 to their abonados (subscribers – your word for the day.). EERCS is asking that electricity users <and that would be just about everyone except those of you who are living under a rock> reduce use of elevators and take the stairs instead. <If you’re in a highrise, you’re probably going to be some of the fittest gringos in town. (Not)> The electricity consumed by an iron is the same as running a washing machine and rice cooker simultaneously so EERCS suggests letting your wrinkled laundry pile up and avoid peak hours. <So the same fit gringos are going to also be disheveled gringos.> It also recommended not keeping your devices plugged in and using energy saving light bulbs.

Nacional –

Ecuador renueva acuerdos con la USAID (Ecuador renews agreements with USAID) – Samantha Powel, administrator of USAID visited Ecuador and met with outgoing and incoming presidents Lasso y Naboa. With Lasso, she analyzed a project which involves the creation of a citizens’ safety program which will be applied first in Quito. Its objective is to organize civil society to fight against the increase in organized and common crime, and the US will donate $17 million. <That’s probably enough to buy just about every adult in Ecuador a gun — a good old fashioned gringo solution to crime abatement.>

“Corredor humanitario” para venezolanos analiza Ecuador (Ecuador analyzes “humanitarian corridor” for Venezuelans) – The Government proposed to Colombia to establish a “humanitarian corridor” for Venezuelans who will be expelled from Perú el sábado to return to their home country. Foreigners in Perú have until el 10/11 to regularize a permanent state. Those who don’t do this paperwork can be expelled.

And that’s all for today so hasta ?


Editor’s note: Jeanne’s Periodico is a translated digest of news from the Cuenca daily newspaper El Mercurio. If details, such as event dates and times, do not appear in the translation, they did not appear in the newspaper (please don’t ask her for them). If information is incorrect, it is the responsibility of El Mercurio. The text between the carrots, or guillemets (< … >), is Jeanne’s personal opinion and not part of the news translation.


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