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Expat Life

A tribute to an outstanding expat artist

Alberto Soriano at work in his Cuenca studio.

By Robert Bradley

What an extraordinary week!

I spent a couple days with perhaps the most well-known master painter in Cuenca, the artist, Claudio Alberto Soriano, and chatted with him about his artistic development and the “investigation of three landscapes” that comprise his just published book of paintings: Claudio Alberto Soriano.

Claudio Alberto Soriano (he goes by Alberto) was born in Cuzco, Peru — “the navel of the world”,  pitched atop the mystic southern Andes.  His childhood scenery enthralled him —   meringue mountaintops, wax-scented churches lording over brightly painted villages, children at play, angels overhead, and dogs under-foot, an azure sky close enough to touch. This is the reservoir from which he has drawn inspiration for over 60 years.

And what a magical world it is.

Alberto said the paintings of Marc Chagall  played an important influence in his work  —  and it shows. The two artists share a visionary landscape deeply tied to both ancestral reminiscences and childhood experience. What distinguishes Alberto Soriano’s paintings is his Modernist style, poetic and figurative in nature. He creates abstract narratives that expose the dream-like supernatural qualities that captures his emotional quest to unite life.

Alberto Soriano is a master at the height of his power. We are fortunate to have him among us.

There is a book signing by the artist  at Casa Azul Galeria Cafe on Friday, August 18 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday, August 26 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

A special three-course Peruvian dinner, orchestrated by Alberto’s wife, Maria Teresa, and a concert of traditional Peruvian music will be performed in his honor the following Saturday :

Saturday, August 26
Casa Azul Galeria Cafe on San Sebastian Plaza

7:00pm.  All are invited to attend (reservations strongly advised)
Price is $17.50.


Photos by Robert Bradley

4 thoughts on “A tribute to an outstanding expat artist

  1. What is it that unites good prose, poetry and visual art? I think it is the ability of each to elicit positive emotions in each of us. It should be obvious that in each of those genres what may move one observer may not move others. Is Soriano’s art good art? I can only answer that for myself. It evokes strong positive emotions in me so it’s good for me and I can’t even come close to explaining why that is. Some stuff just “is” even if we can’t explain it.

    Robert, thanks for giving us this glimpse of Soriano. I truly enjoyed it.

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