Aeroregional resumes Cuenca flights Friday; Vaccine eligibility drops to 50; Flu shots available too; Smuggling costs millions in revenue; Illegal smokes

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Lunes, 5/7/2021

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

Del cuerpo del periodico – See “En vacaciones” for children’s activities.

Titular –

Contrabando asfixia a tabacaleres (Smuggling asphyxiates tobacco shops) – Acccording to a study, 8 out of every 10 cigarettes consumed in Ecuador arrive as contraband. This figure is confirmed by the tobacco sector which has lost 79% of its market in the last few years, resulting in business closures, loss of employment, and decrease in tax collections. A cajetilla (pack – our word for the day) of legal cigarettes costs $5.70 while contraband packs cost $1.50. <Other illegal cigarettes don’t come in packs, or even nice neat cylinders – unless you’ve got a rolling machine or a great deal of manual dexterity.>

Cuenca –

Cronograma semanal (Weekly schedule) – Following is the vaccination schedule for the week:

PRIMERA DOSIS – Población de riesgo por edad (FIRST DOSE – Population at risk by age)
lunes 05, 55 years; martes 06, 54 years; miércoles 07, 53 years; jueves 08, 52 years; viernes 09, 51 years; sábado 10, 50 years and laggards; domingo 11, 40 years and laggards

The eligibility age for Covid-19 vaccines drops to 50 this week, and lower for those with chronic illnesses. (El Mercurio)

In addition, personas con enfermedades agravantes (People with aggravated illnesses),
ages 34 to 20, are eligible for vaccines this week.

En centros de salud también se vacuna contra la influenza (Health centers also vaccinate for influenza) – The campaign for seasonal flu vaccinations has been extended to el 15/7. The vaccine is directed towards adultos mayores, people with chronic illnesses, the disabled, the pregnant, and health professionals. 122,000 trivalent Sanofi vaccines arrived in the province. Miriam Palacios, a health manager, said that you can get a flu vacccine 19 days after you get the second dose of Pfizer or Sinovac Covid vaccine, and 21 days after the 1st or 2nd dose of the AstaZeneca vaccine. She said that the flu season is usually from noviembre to marzo, but it was extended to el 15/7 because the temperatures have been colder with more rain.

En vacaciones, más juegos lúdicos (On vacation, more playful games) -Over a million and half students in the Sierra and Amazonía have finished their school year and are starting vacation. Teachers are recommending that kids disconnect from the virtual spaces where they have been for the past 18 months due to suspension of in-person classes, and turn to playful activities on the internet with parental supervision. <I don’t think most parents would appreciate their kids glued to a screen watching Debbie does Dallas.>

UNICEF has published guides for parents for raising kids during the pandemic which are available at Registrations are also open this week for free vacation camps that run through agosto. <Including cheerleading camps?> The network of patrimonial houses have free events every week. The Casa del Alfarero on Convención del 45 has a workshop in sgraffito and stenciling for kids from 9-14 starting today a las 14:30. Go to to register. The Museo de Arte Moderno (Sucre y Coronel Talbot) is taking applications for its free workshops in art, guitar and other cultural activities. The Centro Cultural El Ángel has a ballet workshop from today to el 16/7. Register at

Aeroregional vuelve desde el viernes (Aeroregional returns this Friday) – Aeroregional Airlines will start operating Cuenca-Quito and Quito-Cuenca flights starting this viernes for $120 including taxes. Luggage allowed will be a suitcase of 23 kilos, and a carry-on bag of 10 kilos. For now, the flights will be on lunes, jueves, viernes, y domingo with Quito-Cuenca leaving a las 19:00 and arriving a las 19:45. The Cuenca-Quito flight leaves at 20:30 and arrives at 21:15. You can make reservations at or at their call center 02-3930-360.

Region –

Diseñarán “plan” para usar nueva maquinaria (Design for “plan” to use new machinery) – The GAD Provincial de Azuay invested $5 milllion for 24 pieces of new road equipment, the first of which arrived in marzo. The rest have been delayed due to the pandemic. The GAD Provincial will be meeting with the 15 mayors and 61 parish junta presidents this jueves y viernes to talk about how, when, and where the equipment will be used.

Nacional –

Pérdidas millonarias (Millions in losses) – According to Napleón Santamaria, a tax expert, the country loses at least $1.2 billion a year due to products smuggled in. The customs sector should bring in about 20% of all taxes collected which is true of Perú y Colombia. But in Ecuador it only reaches 10%. In addition to cigarettes which is the product most smuggled, 30% of cosmetics sold are illegal, 60% of grapes, 60% of onions, and 70% of textiles. Most of the domestic textile companies have closed since they cannot compete with the illegal products.

Deportes –

Carapaz ascendió al quinto puesto (Carapaz rose to fifth place) – Richard Carapaz has risen to 5th place in the Tour de France.

Descuentos y compras –

Agapantos, Complejo Turistico Baños Cuenca Ecuador – Family summer vacations at accessible prices – Reservations: (593 7) 289 2015, hours lunes a domingo, 7:00-19:00.

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