Afternoon march and rally will protest proposed constitutional amendments

Dec 2, 2015 | 0 comments

Members of worker organizations and university students plan to march today to protest proposed constitutional amendments they say restrict the rights of government workers to organize and strike, and restrict freedom of speech and press.

The scene from the protest two weeks ago.

The scene from a protest march two months ago.

Marchers will gather in Parque San Blas at 5 and march to Parque Calderon where they will hear speeches from protest leaders. Organizers say the protest will be peaceful and hope to avoid the stone throwing at police that erupted during the last protest, two weeks ago.

The protest coincides with the National Assembly consideration of amendments that are expect to pass.

Edison Déleg, representative of the General Union of Workers of Ecuador, is calling on on-going protests until the amendment affecting the rights of government workers is withdrawn. “We will prevent this action or continue to protest until it is out of consideration. It violates other parts of the constitution,” he says.

University students object to an amendment that makes free speech and free press a “public right” and say the wording allows the government too much control.



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