Agenda lists more than 300 events for Cuenca’s independence holidays

Oct 16, 2015 | 1 comment

In a Parque Calderon ceremony on Thursday morning, the city officially unveiled the printed agendas for the 2015 Cuenca independence holidays. Holiday activities kick off on Friday, October 29 and conclude on Wednesday, November 4.

A group of Cuenca expats mug for the camera, checking out the new holiday agenda.

A group of Cuenca expats mug for the camera, checking out the new holiday agenda. Photo credit: El Mercurio

Among the events celebrating the 195th anniversary of Cuenca’s independence from Spain, are concerts, parades, dance exhibitions, crafts and food fairs. Participants in the celebration, include performers and crafts-makers from six countries in addition to Ecuador.

Cuenca Deputy Mayor Ruth Caldas, who chairs the Cuenca independence holidays committee, says she expects this year’s festivities to be the largest and best ever. “This is the biggest event of the year and is very important for the tourism interests of Cuenca. We expect thousands of visitors from around the world and Ecuador too, and we expect to have a lot of fun,” she said.

Arts and crafts exhibits will be in several locations around Cuenca, with the largest concentration along the Tomebamba River, just south of the historic district, and at the CIDAP museum.

There will be music and and dance performances in Parque de la Madre, Parque Calderon and seven other public parks and plazas.

The agendas are available at iTur offices and at hotels and restaurants throughout the historic district. The city printed 50,000 of them.