Air quality is within acceptable range, 14 injured, including restaurant customers, in bus and car collision, Cuencanos win in PanAm Games

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Lunes, 5/8/2019

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Booklaunch – “Violencia contra mujeres lesbianas y hombres gays en la ciudad de Quito, 2008-2015″ (Violence against lesbian women and gay men in the city of Quito, 2008-2015) by Rafael Garrido Álvarez will be presented el jueves, a las 19:00 in the Pálier Café Libro to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall disturbios (unrest) in New York and Gay Pride 2019. <¿Is it politically incorrect to refer to the Stonewall riots?>

Exposición – ¿Esto no es Arte? (This isn’t art?) by visual arts student Paúl Castro will open Tuesday a las 19:00 in the Galería de Artes in the CCE.

Bienal – The catalogue for the XIV Bienal de Cuenca will be presented el jueves, a las 19:00 in the Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno. The 540 page publication is bi-lingual. <But which two languages?>

The aftermath of a bus and car collision that injured 14. (El Mercurio)

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Taller de gastronomía – The GAD of Ricaurte is organizing a fast food workshop starting el próximo 12/8. The workshop be at the casa comunal (community house) in the El Arenal barrio, and will run for 20 hours with times from 14-19:00. Register at the GAD of Ricaurte offices near the central plaza.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Cuencanos de Oro (Golden Cuencanos) – Ecuador won gold medals at the Panamerican Games in Lima for speedwalking, swimming and mens’ doubles tennis.

Calidad de Aire – Air quality goes up and down in El Centro. Pollution levels are within the allowed range, but the higher levels are in zones with heavy traffic such as the Terminal Terrestre, and Vega Muñoz, Pres. Córdova, y La Condamine streets.

Pirotecnia for El Cisne – Cuencano crafts people are ready with fireworks and castles to honor La Churona en El Cisne in Loja. The workshops are preparing castles, indios lorenzos (?), vacas locas (crazy cows), ships, planes, comets and characters who are part of the celebrations. One craftswoman was contracted to build 6 castles of 3, 4 & 6 levels with prices from $700-1500. <I suppose it’s more exciting and fun to watch than just burning dollar bills directly.>

Choque múltiple – A multi-car collision left 14 people injured on the Panamericana Norte y av. Del Bombero in the Challuabamba sector. A Sígsig Express bus and a Chevy Aveo collided and their out of control trajectories impacted 2 more cars. The bus arrastró y aplastó (dragged and crushed – your words for the day <I like aplastar myself.>) another two parked cars before it finally stopped against two houses one of which had a restaurant on the lower level. Customers were injured by flying glass from a skylight, objects falling from above, bricks and pieces of concrete. The other injuries were passengers on the Cuenca-Girón bus.

There was significant property damage to the houses, with fears that one of them is in danger of collapsing. The two parked cars were totally destroyed. <If it weren’t for a tire sticking out of the wreckage, the scrap metal in the photo is not identifiable as cars. The two drivers who were the presumed cause of the accident fled the scene. <Does the bus driver really think that the company doesn’t know who was driving? Or maybe this is one of those guys who wake up too hungover to drive and hand the keys to a cousin.>

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