Alianza País assembly members are divided on whether to allow VP Glas to stand trial

Aug 23, 2017 | 9 comments

While the National Assembly awaits the official request from the attorney general to allow Vice President Jorge Glas to stand trial for corruption, members Glas’ Alianza País (AP) appear divided on the issue.

Ecuador’s National Assembly

Following a prosecutor’s indictment on Monday, Glas requested that the assembly allow him to stand trial on 10 counts of “illegal association.” Under Ecuador’s constitution, the assembly must approve by a two-thirds majority the attorney general’s request to put the president or vice president on trial.

“I am waiting to review the documentation in this case before I make a decision,” said AP assemblyman Yofre Poma. “I am not prepared to say how I will vote until I read all the evidence.”

Others in the AP delegation had less hesitation. “Yes, I want to see the documents but this is case for the courts to decide, not the politicians of the assembly,” said Daniel Mendoza. Carlos Bergmann agreed: “We are not judges so it is my intention to pass the case through to the court as the vice president has requested. Otherwise, I will be an obstacle to justice.”

AP’s National Assembly delegation numbers 74. All other members of the assembly have indicated they will vote to send Glas´ case to the court.