Alianza País begins to consider a Lasso presidency; says it will stand firm on political gains of the last 10 years

Mar 3, 2017 | 19 comments

With early polls showing Guillermo Lasso leading Lenin Moreno, leaders of Alianza País (AP), the political movement founded by President Rafael Correa, are for the first time talking about what happens if the party loses the presidency.

Cuenca Assemblywoman Doris Soliz (El Mercurio)

National Assemblywoman Doris Soliz of Cuenca says the alliance will continue to work in the interest of all Ecuadorians. “We do not think Lenin will lose, but we acknowledge that it is possible,” she says. “In that event, AP will work with the new president on issues of common interest but we will not give in to new proposals that will damage what we have accomplished in the last 10 years. We will stand firm.”

Soliz adds: “We will still be a majority in the National Assembly so we will work from a position of strength.”

Although AP will maintain majority control of the assembly when new members take their places in May, its strength was reduced in the Feb. 19 election and Soliz concedes that some compromise will be necessary if Lasso wins the April 2 runoff election.

In the current Assembly, AP has a super-majority, holding 100 out of 137 seats. In May, it will have 73 or 74.

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