Alianza Pais can’t reach agreement on Glas

Oct 4, 2017 | 0 comments

After three days of meetings, the leadership of Alianza Pais (AP) says it is unable to reach a consensus on calling for the resignation of Vice President Jorge Glas. This, despite Monday night judge’s order that sent Glas to jail.

Vice President Jorge Glas

On Saturday, AP officer and National Assembly President José Serrano called on Glas to resign, as did another party officer, Ricardo Zambrano. Other party officials, however, were quick to say that Serrano and Zambrano were offering personal opinions that did not reflect the position of AP.

The AP delegation from Guayas Province issued a statement Tuesday morning supporting Glas, saying, “We are unwilling to sacrifice the vice president in the face of questionable charges against him. We will hold firm in our support until we are convinced that there is real evidence of wrong-doing.”

An AP member who attended Monday’s party leadership meeting and who asked not to be named, told the El Telegrafo newspaper that the party is in disarry. “This is a mess,” he said. “Some members refuse to yield on supporting Glas but most of us are tired of a fight that accomplishes nothing and takes our attention off of more important work. If this is not resolved quickly, AP could fall apart.”


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