Alianza Pais hopes to reclaim committee chairs, consolidate power in the National Assembly

Jan 22, 2018 | 0 comments

The leadership of Alianza Pais (AP) is making plans to gain control of four committee chairs in the National Assembly that are currently held by former party members who resigned last week. Those who resigned are loyal to former president Rafael Correa and say they will form a new political party.

Ecuador’s National Assembly

AP assemblywoman Marcia Arregui says those who have disaffiliated from the party are now members of the opposition and are not entitled to retain leadership positions. She says AP will call for a full session of the assembly in February to reallocate chairs of the justice, international relations, economic affairs, and workers’ rights committees.

“In recent months, these committees have impeded the work of the government of President Moreno,” says Arregui. “Since the committee heads were originally appointed as members of AP, we need to take them back to facilitate the enactment of a national agenda. They cannot be left in the hands of a small minority opposed to moving the country forward. At the moment, there are about legislative 200 proposals being held up in committees controlled by the Correistas.”

Arregui says AP assembly members, along with political allies, have the votes to strip the leadership of the four committees from the Correistas. “With the help of our friends, we have a majority to make the necessary changes,” she says.

With the resignations from AP, now totaling 24, no party will have majority in the assembly although AP, with 45 to 50 seats, will continue to be the largest bloc.

The names of assembly members who will replace the Correistas will be released by the end of February, Arregui says.


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