Alianza País seeks reconciliation between Moreno, Glas and Correa but prospects are dim

Aug 7, 2017 | 0 comments

It was billed as an effort to reconcile differences between President Lenin Moreno, Vice President Jorge Glas, and former president Rafael Correa. Instead, a Monday morning meeting at Alianza País (AP) headquarters in Quito between Glas and party members turned into a forum for the vice president to attack his critics.

Glas after meeting at AP headquarters. (El Comercio)

“There is persecution being orchestrated against me by my former Alianza País colleagues,” Glas said after the meeting.  “I was forced to expose these people today to protect my good name and honor.”

Glas also insisted he was defending the integrity of AP and its Citizens Revolution.

Glas’ statements and the hard line against Moreno taken by former president Rafael Correa make the likelihood of resolving the presidential – vice presidential rift unlikely.

Last week, Glas lashed out at Moreno, accusing him of abandoning the policies established during the Correa presidency. Glas’ comments, delivered in a press release followed the publication of revelations by an Odebrecht construction company official linking him to the receipt of bribes through his uncle.

Following Glas’s comments and the new corruption allegations, Moreno stripped Glas of all vice presidential duties.

“Based on the intensity of the bad feelings, I don’t see a resolution to the conflict,” said one member of AP who attended the meeting but asked not to be identified. “I think the division in the party will remain unless something unforeseen happens.”

At the same time Glas was meeting with AP leaders, Moreno addressed a crowd estimated at 5,000 in front of the presidential palace on la Plaza de la Independencia in Quito. Moreno said he does not apologize for pursuing corrupt officials. “We will not allow corruption to dominate the country, no matter who is involved,” the president said. “During my presidency I promise to you that I will work diligently to achieve transparency, loyalty and honesty in Ecuador.”


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