Alma Bendita, a breakfast/lunch buffet that won’t be a “secret” for long

Mar 8, 2015 | 4 comments

by Larry Schunk

This is a hidden gem that serves a terrific lunch buffet for just $3.75. Alma Bendita means Blessed Soul and I find this place a blessing indeed!

larryThe address below gets you to the front door. From there, you have to proceed down the hall and up the stairs to the second floor. If it’s lunchtime a line will likely already be formed. Wait your turn, pay the lady, and receive your “token,” which you give to the server as evidence you paid. Then plan on waiting for 4 or 5 people to help themselves at the buffet before you take your turn.

You’ll have your choice of several buffet entrées of the day, dished up by the servers behind the food. The salad is on the table behind the servers; there’s not enough room on the buffet table, ABwhich is also heated. Choose which items you want (its okay to point) and you’ll soon have a heaping plate of delicious daily offerings.

Recently, I had a chicken stir-fry, rice, beans, fried plantains, and salad, all of which was almost more than I could eat. Juice (with or without sugar) and water are available at the end of the U-shaped serving line. Help yourself.

This is definitely an Ecuadorian place and is usually very full, but a helpful hostess will see that you’re seated in one of the many rooms that make up the entire restaurant. The chairs at most tables are oversized and comfortable. After several visits and talking to others who’ve ventured in here, the food is consistently very good and changes daily.AB2

You won’t find many expats eating here; Alma Bendita seems to be a well-kept secret. But once you’re in on it and have tried the lunch buffet, I’m fairly certain you’ll be planning a return visit.

Restaurant: Alma Bendita; Address: Presidente Cordova 8-34 between Luis Cordero y Benigno Malo; Telephone: 284-0278 Cell: 0991696353; Email:; open for breakfast and lunch