Andean nations confront climate change, More phys ed, less science, Spanish diplomats go on strike, IESS hospital implants cardiodesfribiladores

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Martes, 17/10/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

“Poetry Slam Cuenca” – The second poetry slam is calling for participants. Register at until 27/10. <Nothing I saw said it had to be in Spanish. So if you feel like running your mouth in front of an audience, go for it.>

“Noche de Letras” (Night of Letters) – Ninacuro Cartonera Publishing will present “Cirugía Inflamable” (Inflammable surgery) <I guess that’s what happens if someone lights a match too close to the oxygen tank.> mañana a las 19:00 in the Corredor Sur (República Sur). 12 national and international authors are part of this event.

Exposición y concierto – There will be a show of 25 ceramic dolls by different artists to be auctioned off to benefit the escuela San José de Calasanz. The show and an acoustic concert will be on 27/10 in La Guarida Centro Cultural (Mariscal La Mar y Luis Pauta, sector Convención del 45). <Christmas is coming up – some of you have got to have kids somewhere in your life who’d enjoy a doll.>

Articles about –

La Lira – The pre-event to the La Lira poetry festival will be on 24/10 a las 19:30 in the Casa de los Murales. 3 books will be presented: “Construcción Civil,” a book of poetry by Willy Gómez Migliaro who won the 5th La Lira; “Visión de las Ciudades” by Argentine Gerardo Jorge who won an Honorable Mention; and “Batalla del Silencio,” an anthology of César Dávila Andrade.

Forum – There will be a forum on film criticism from Tuesday hasta el jueves from 15-18:00 in the teatro Carlos Crespi at the UPS. <Isn’t everyone of you with a Netflix account already a film critic?)

Marketing – Andrea Calle gave a lecture on marketing in and for the cultural sector.

Ciclo de Cine – A film cycle about crafts and popular arts opened Tuesday with the full length film “La Banda Mocha” in CIDAP. The movie is about the last group that played bomba music which still survives in Ecuador and uses instruments made by hand and with things from the natural environment. Movies will be shown at 10:00 and at 19:00 on martes, jueves y viernes in the auditorium of CIDAP; on miércoles the movies will be in the Department of Arts of the U. of Cuenca and in the Centro Cultural El Alfarero.

Otras cosas –

Titular – ETAPA no descarta sortear contrato (ETAPA does not rule out raffling contract) – After a contract with Consorcio Machángara for $10 million worth of water projects was signed, a family relationship was found between the technical commission and members of the contracting joint venture, invalidating the contract. An option under consideration for selecting a contractor is to have a drawing from the bidders who meet all requirements. This was done for the San Francisco Plaza project in a similar circumstance.

Implants – The IESS hospital José Carrasco Arteaga is implanting “cardiodesfribiladores” (cardio-defibrillators/ pacemakers – your word for the day.) <Say that fast 5 times and your tongue might fall out.> in patients suffering from arrhythmias. They have performed 15 implants so far.

UN Human Rights Council – Perú, México, and Chile were elected to seats on the council for the 2018-2020 term. The 3 countries had the support of the region and were seated without opposition. The 5 other Latin American countries on the council are Brasil, Cuba, Ecuador, Panamá y Venezuela. <Poor Venezuela.>

Strike – Spanish diplomats in Ecuador staged a labor strike along with all the other Spanish diplomatic offices around the world. They were protesting labor conditions and pay which has not been raised for 9 years.

Controversial law – Assemblywoman Mónica Alemán clarified that the Law Against Violence Against Women seeks to prevent and eradicate family violence and does not include gender identity or sexual orientation. It focuses on gender violence and power inequity.

CAN – La Comunidad Andina will cooperate in confronting the effects of climate change. Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Perú are not isolated from climate change, but the goal is to reduce the level of exposure and vulnerability to the effects of climate change. <Sounds like some of the experimental seeds and crops programs are to see what will produce in adverse conditions.>

More phys. ed. and less science – The curriculum between the 2nd & 10th year of primary education contains more hours of gym than science, English, or social studies. The curriculum for 2-4th levels should include 10 hours for language and literature every week, 8 for math, 5 for phys. ed, 3 for natural sciences, 3 for English, 2 for social studies, 2 for school projects, and 2 for art. <Something’s already off. That’s 35 hours/wk. or 7 hours a day. I thought school hours were 7 am to 1 pm – an hour short.>

Demonstration gardens – <This is for you gardeners and healthy eaters.> The Ministry of Public Health has Demonstration Gardens in Octavio Cordero, Sinincay, Ricaurte, Paccha, the Mariano Estrella Hospital, and the Centro de Salud Número 1 on Huayna Capac. The gardens have nutritionists and information about planting and growing ancestral food and medicinal crops such as barley, corn, potatoes, soy and more. La Red de Hombres y Mujeres de Medicina Ancestral (The Network of Men and Women of Ancestral Medicine) is also part of the project. You can also learn what to plant in containers and how to compost.

Seniors – There is a sector of the population that doesn’t have retirement and is still working to support themselves. One 64 year old man carries cardboard, mostly from around the mercados, to the recyclers’ storage facilities. He gets 25 or 50¢ per load and earns about $10/day. Another 88 year old gets up in the early morning to cook mote, choclo and tostado and then sell it in the area of María Auxiliadora. <Makes me real grateful for steady, passive retirement income.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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