Angry women react to Correa’s ‘Trump-like’ comment about presidential candidate

Oct 8, 2016 | 0 comments

Women’s groups are reacting angrily to a comment made Thursday by President Rafael Correa about Presidential candidate Cynthia Viteri.


Cynthia Viteri

Responding to criticism by Viteri of his handling of Ecuador’s economy, Correa said that she should limit her remarks to “women things.” In a press conference, the president said, “I would advise presidential candidate Viteri not to talk about the economy but to sick to subjects like make-up.”

Nosotras por la Democracia y Mujeres por el Cambio, an organzation of Ecuadorian profesional women, said that Correa’s comments were “demeaning to women” and a violation of constitutional protections. The group and other women’s rights activists say they may seek legal action against the president.

Goyes Solanda of Nosotras said she is considering filing a complaint under Ecuador’s Penal Code for Democracy. Under the law, she says, penalties can be assessed against those who attack the dignity of others.

“It is appalling what he said,” Solanda says. “It’s something you would expect Donald Trump to say, not Rafeal Correa. It’s an embarrassment to the country.”

Other members of Nostoros made clear that their feelings relate strictly to women’s rights, not to politics. Two members said that they do not support Viteri, a center-rightest, for president but defend her right not to be insulted for her gender.


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