Are You “Living the Dream?”

Apr 26, 2018 | 0 comments

Cynthia:  Well, Edd, we did it–three books in three months. “Living the Dream” is out today!

Edd:  Yep. If we had known how insane this idea was and how much work it would be, I think we would have gone a little slower. We’re supposed to be retired!

C:  “Living the Dream” is the final chapter in our journey from clueless gringos to seasoned expats. I’m sure a lot of people who have moved overseas can relate to our story.

E:  Speaking of insane, at the end of the second book we were still out at all hours partying and socializing like 20-somethings. Now we joke about burning the “10 o’clock oil.” What happened to us?

C:  Well, thank goodness we gradually came to our senses. Plus we’re six years older. “Living the Dream” is about us discovering more about this beautiful country. And about ourselves.

E:  The first two books are full of stumbling and bumbling episodes here in Ecuador. Some of the most comical stories in this one are about shenanigans that happen during our visits to the U.S. If another Crocodile Dundee movie is ever made we’ve got some great material.

C:  And your diaper-changing episodes with our grandchildren are classics. I still laugh out loud every time I read them.

E:  I like to compare our trilogy to a three-course dinner. The first book, “Leap of Faith,” is the appetizer. Small, tasty, and leaving you wanting more. “Letting Go” is the entree. It’s hearty and full of juicy stories. This last one’s like a dessert–a sweet ending to a satisfying meal.

C:  You must be hungry because you’ve made this comparison before. It’s a good analogy, so not surprised you brought it up again. We’ve both been surprised, though, by the response to the first two books.

E:  I’ll say. Both of them are Amazon best-sellers that hit #1 in a combined seven categories, from retirement planning to travel tips. Amazing, really. Apparently our tale has resonated with a lot of Baby Boomers who find themselves facing a similar uncertain financial situation.

C:  We’ve read that 10,000 are retiring every day with a median retirement account balance of less than $20,000, so maybe you’re right.

E:  Well, we’re grateful for the support, so we’ve decided to declare today and tomorrow Reader Appreciation Days.

C:  And during these two days, April 26 & 27, we’re making “Living the Dream” available on Amazon absolutely free!

E:  Everyone who downloads the book will also get the chance to receive three never-before-published stories. And they’re some of the wackiest of all!

C:  Congrats, Hubby. I hope readers enjoy our books as much as we did putting them together.

E:  Thanks for all your help, sweetheart. We really are living the dream, you know.

C:  I do. Now it’s time for Edd and Cynthia to turn the page and start a new chapter.

E:  Stop it. I’m supposed to be the one who says corny stuff like that in this family!

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