As we ‘cocoon’ in place, we should consider or relationship to time and space

Apr 8, 2020 | 6 comments

By Louis Bourgeois

I am being called this morning to begin writing in earnest, as we collectively “cocoon” around the world.

In my writing as Sun King, I speak from a “place” that I call the energy body. I encourage any who are reading this post to accept that we have three aspects of our being. Using the words of Carolyn Myss these three aspects are the body, governed by the tribal mind, the person, governed by the egoic mind, and the energy body, governed by the spiritual mind. What is true for the microcosm, the individual, holds true for the macrocosm, the world. To further understand yourself and your place in the world I would include the further microcosm of your cells, and the further macrocosm of the universe. So we can use this arbitrary breakdown of five levels: cell, body, person, world, and universe.

Before I continue I will include that the influences of my life as Louis Bourgeois and development as Sun King are many. They include an early immersion into the field of transpersonal psychology and Asian Philosophy.

My first guide was Dr. Kenneth Ring, professor at the University of Connecticut who would one day become very involved in the study of the near death experience.

Eckhart Tolle

My second guide was a teacher of Tibetan Buddhism at the California Institute off Asian Studies (now Integral Studies), a saint and healer by the name of Rina Sircar.

Another important influence of this time was Alan Watts. Out of this time in addition to the desire to study everything pertaining to higher levels of consciousness was a deep attraction to the teaching of Lao Tzu, as represented in the Tao Te Ching. Taoism has continued to be the foundation of my understanding of our energetic relationship with the world and the universe.

Later in life I collapsed into the healing community of the 12-Steps, and very early in this time I also discovered A Course in Miracles. In 1986 I chose to devote the better part of my adult life to the study and teaching of ACIM. In 1999 I was introduced to the teaching of Eckhart Tolle, and his influence was profound. I will refer often to his teaching, particularly from The Power of Now. I mentioned above Carolyn Myss, and it was particularly her teaching on sacred anatomy that brought to me profound insights into my understanding of the energy body. To put the interaction of these three influences into simple perspective, ACIM teaches me that my function and my happiness are one and the same.  Tolle beautifully described God as “the unmanifested” and that our function was to serve as a conduit through which this energetic reality could manifest in the space-time world. Myss clearly delineates how this function operates, using the energy body as its vehicle.

Two words that I will introduce at this time are synchronicity and singularity. They both describe our relationship with time and space, key to understanding our energetic function. I will go into more detail later.

A key teaching in ACIM is that our body and our person are simply communication devices. We are called to be a channel through which the “voice for god” or the Holy Spirit can be expressed. I would mention at this time another influence, Dr. David Hawkins, who would show us a calibration of the variety of states of mind and emotion, related to an energy scale from 1-1000.

Back to Eckhart Tolle who called for us to birth a new earth, and that this new earth would be described by the mind/emotion/energy of acceptance, appreciation and enthusiasm. Key to understanding these levels of consciousness is that the rational mind is calibrated by Hawkins at the level of 400. Acceptance and appreciation bring us well beyond the 400 mark, and enthusiasm catapults us into the stratosphere of 600-700, the realm of joy.

To close for today, my life’s destiny is to assist you in the full flowering of your consciousness, your function, and your happiness. What I would mention in this moment is that one description I use for the word “singularity” is that there is only one thing going on in you, in the world, and in our universe. This is true whether you understand it or not. I would also offer that any form of upset, mental or emotional, is simply a pointer to the degree to which you are out of alignment with truth, or spiritual principle.

Another way of saying the spiritual truth of the singularity is the everything in the world and the universe conspires to help you fully flower and make your highest contribution.  Everything!  There are no enemies, no bad guys: as Eckhart eloquently expressed in The Power of Now, evil is simply something you have yet to fully understand and integrate into the one perfect whole that is this world. Remember the Taoist symbol for Oneness, the yin and the yang, dancing together in energetic wholeness.

The last comment that I will make today is this:  the Coronavirus and the 5G network are exquisitely part of your evolution and our collective evolution. I have been saying for many years that our energy body can accept, appreciate and have enthusiasm for the very things that might appear evil, that might truly challenge our body and our person.  There might be a direct connection to the emerging Christ Consciousness; think 5th chakra in your throat — are your ready to fully claim your radiant truth?

Use this simple mantra from ACIM today and breathe: “The hush of heaven holds my heart today.”

Louis Bourgeois lives outside of Cuenca with his wife and baby. He teaches courses in Conscious Living and Conscious Dying and is currently developing the Oasis, an eco-resort. He can be contacted at

Louis Bourgeois

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