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Assembly narrowly rejects abortion reform but legalizes marijuana for medical uses

A proposal to decriminalization abortion in cases of rape or incest was voted down Tuesday night by Ecuador’s National Assembly. The measure fell five votes short of passage as six legislators abstained.

The National Assembly voted to increase penalties for the most serious crimes. (El Telegrafo)

During the same session, the Assembly overwhelming approved the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes, stiffened penalties for a variety of crimes and granted police greater powers to investigate crimes. It also gave police more protection against claims made against them by crime suspects.

Supporters of changes to the abortion law claimed that an intense lobbying effort by the Catholic church as well as anonymous threats to a number of assembly members proved to be the difference in the final vote. “The church continues a campaign to shame and intimidate the government, including the Assembly, and this vote shows that it is effective,” said Belén Marín, a supporter of abortion decriminalization. Citing a recent poll showing 70 percent of Ecuadorians favor decriminalization, she added that a change in the abortion law “is inevitable, probably within two years.”

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Among the crimes that will be punished with harsher sentences are kidnapping, rape, murder, unauthorized firearm possession, child pornography, cattle rustling and animal abuse. The Assembly also closed “loopholes” that allowed criminals to avoid full sentences and granted the government greater authority to seize and hold the property of criminals.

14 thoughts on “Assembly narrowly rejects abortion reform but legalizes marijuana for medical uses

  1. What a pathetic tragedy.

    When are we going to free women? When are we going to stop trying to impose our lifestyle on others who cause no harm to us or society?

    1. The worlds population has more than doubled in the last 50 years. That’s not sustainable. Forced birth control is on the horizon.

      1. Forced birth control certainly is better than taking innocent lives after they have been conceived! I am neither Catholic nor mainstream religious but science has proven that life begins at conception!

        1. Science has NOT proven that life begins at conception! And the very fact that you feel you have to qualify yourself is a giveaway to an untruthful statement I’m afraid!

        2. I am not exactly sure what you define as “life.” Women should have the right to control their bodies. However society of course has an interest in controlling every one’s body in the interest that they do no harm to themselves. So, as in the U.S., a woman cannot have an abortion in the third trimester because the birth process outweighs the possibility of harm due to an abortion

    2. When stating “Impose our lifestyles on others who cause no harm to us or society”, you are, of course, referencing the innocent newborn I hope…

      1. Ellen, It is not deep technological feat to have a pregnancy strip on every woman’s forehead. Then, when we see they are pregnant, we can chain them hand and foot and feed them intravenously to prevent them from doing what they will with their bodies and having an abortion. Until we are prepared to be that ugly, we must leave the decision to each woman despite your beliefs of what they should do.

        A society becomes contemptible when it passes laws that cannot be properly promulgated without much insanity.

  2. In the failed Capitalistic country of the USofA their dictator feels that women can not be trusted to make there own decisions about their body, It is a shame that Ecuador has followed the footsteps of such a backward country.

    1. why do you always have to bring the US into every discussion on here ? this was solely an Ecuadorian decision. The abortion laws in the US are much more liberal than Ecuador. The US is not a failed state … maybe struggling but most countries in the world are very envious of the state of the US standard of living and human rights.

      1. Any country could have an enviable standard of living if they are stupid enough to go $19 trillion in debt….As far as abortion goes is that it is one of the many subjects that will never be solved because people can not even agree on facts. So why even try to discuss it!

  3. Regarding, the legalization of medical marihuana, that’s great. But didn’t I read a very detailed article about marihuana being legalized in small amounts, for general use, about 3-4 years back, in this very publication? Interesting. Anyone have more information on this subject?

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