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Attorney General investigates Conaie plans to organize an indigenous army

Ecuador’s Attorney General’s office began a preliminary investigation into statements made over the weekend by Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie) President Jaime Vargas in which he called for the creation of an army to protect indigenous people.

Conaie President Jaime Vargas issued a clarification Tuesday about comments to create an indigenous army.

On Tuesday, President Lenín Moreno’s private secretary Juan Sebastián Roldán said the president was concerned about Vargas’ statement. “His [Roldán’s] comment sends a message of confrontation and possible illegal activity that complicates the dialog currently underway,” Roldán said.

According to a statement from federal prosecutors, a private indigenous army is illegal under Ecuador criminal code. “The law says that those who promote, direct or participate in armed organizations, commandos, combat groups, terrorist groups or cells intended to subvert public order, or replace Ecuador’s armed forces and national police, or attack them or interfere with their normal performance, will face imprisonment of five to seven years,” it said.

Vargas issued a clarification Tuesday, saying that “protection guards” already exist in the indigenous community and are not intended to challenge national police or the military. “The guard is born of our ancestral right to self-determination and is part of our legal pluralism granted by the constitution. Any enhancement of the guard will maintain the same mission.”

Also on Tuesday, Roldán sent a request to the attorney general to investigate the “kidnappings” of 300 police and military personnel during the indigenous strike from October 3 to 13.

“The actions earlier this month against public agents is very troublesome and needs to be considered for potential illegal activity,” he said.

22 thoughts on “Attorney General investigates Conaie plans to organize an indigenous army

    1. You gotta love the school marms! However, you’re wrong in this case. The journalist’s rule of thumb is that acronyms are expressed clc (caps and lower case) if they are more than four letters.

      This might help.

      As Wikipedia points out, probably the best rule of thumb is “can you speak it as a single word?”. For instance, Nato (Nay-to) and Unicef (You-Ni-Cef), but USA (You-Ess-Ay) and FBI (Eff-Bee-Aye). Another common rule seems to be that anything less than five letters (NATO, FBI) can be capitalized all the way through, but anything longer than that (Unicef, Unesco) shouldn’t, just because it looks ugly as full caps, although you can use small caps to make that look less ugly.

      1. Thanks. That’s been annoying me, too. Now I can get back to be annoyed by other (probably equally unimportant) things.

      2. Though I can’t say it annoyed me, I was curious about how consistently this acronym was mixed case. Thanks for doing the research and clearing that up. 🙂

  1. Protests are one thing; starting an army of insurrection is quite another. Vargas should be arrested.

    1. When law Enforcement does not exist, the lack of enforcement must be somehow thwarted by the communities affected. Cuenca does not enforce the so called traffic laws, especially for motorcycles. Home break ins, robbery, incest and rape are open fields for criminals. If someone is involve in law enforcement, let it be someone who believes in the rights of citizens.

        1. Maybe not in Ecuador. It is a Crime against the perpetrator and then the children born from incest and the guilt the victims feels for life.

  2. These policemen may never come back… Most likely they were set on fire in indigenous lands, unfortunately. I saw a horrifying video of this happening to one officer, back when only 3 officers had been kidnapped.

    What concerns me is the 1000+ indigenous children that were kidnapped during the riots in the final days that was reported on the live YouTube feed from one of the Quito news stations.

    Where are the kids now?! Who really took them and why? IMF paid Infiltrators? (They were paid $50 dollars each to ramp up the violence!) Human traffickers? It is all very suspect and creepy.

    There are already a mobilized army of indigenous people… with a couple phone calls, 250,000 men women and children arrived within 24 hours in huge military style trucks in Quito. The warriors carried large hand carved sticks with poison dart frog venom on the tips. I have pictures of this too. Maybe they don’t officially call themselves an army..but.. it happened just like that.

    I can’t wait for all this information to be released on the news. Then my posts won’t look so crazy. HA! But at least this story was released.. hate to say I told you so..

    It’s frustrating having some inside info directly from the govt.. yet no one believes this stuff until it’s in a “paper”! Oh well!!

    1. You mean the ones who were released unharmed to UN representatives the next day?

      Is this Esmeralda’s new screen name?

      1. Explain to me and the readers why it is necessary to single someone out (me) repeatedly. I have not commented on this subject yet you (Jason Faulkner) find it necessary to blame, criticism, and be unkind. It appears as though fairness is not something you understand because you certainly do not practice it

        1. We know it’s you, Esmeralda. I’d point out all your tells but then you’d make up a new screen name and avoid using them. Protest all you want, your cover is still blown. Anyone who has ever played more than a few hands of poker can read you like a book.

          On a side note, what does it say about your positions that you have to make up lies out of whole cloth and even create fake user names to make them seem legit?

          1. Jason Faulkner you are being absurd. If I have something to say I am not afraid to speak my mind and I don’t need to make up new screen names.

          2. Jason Faulkner you really need to find a new hobby. Your bully behaviour needs to stop. Nipping on someones heals and making up stories about other people is narcissistic behaviour

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  3. So rather than discuss the impact of an indigenous army some of you argue over acronyms. Interesting responses to a serious issue.

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