Autopista bridge work reroutes traffic, Elimination of money exit tax, Jewelry heist in El Centro, Icy conditions in the Cajas Mountains

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Sábado, 17/8/2019

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

Festival de la Cometa – The Cooperativa Jardín Azuayo is arrranging a kite festival, “Caldos, Calditos y Caldosos” domingo a las 10:00 in the Parque de la Luz in Miraflores. There will be kite making workshops and kite contests a las 14:00 on the “Tu Eres Pegro” hill where the wind is good. For the Caldos, etc, there will be soup stands with Caldo de patas, mocho, bolas, manguera <I’m not sure I want to know what part of the animal goes into this soup, and you guys probably don’t want to know what my guess is.> There will also be a crafts show, puppet and music shows, and comedy at 15:00.

Exposición – “Desconexiones,” paintings and inks by Boris Ordóñez is showing in the Salón Pueblo of the CCE.

Taller de dibujo – There will be a drawing workshop for youth 15 years and older <would that include us 70-year-olds in our 2nd childhoods?> from 19-22/8 from 15-17:00 in the Casa Municipal del Alfarero.

The church on the plaza in Sevilla de Oro.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Cantonization of Sevilla de Oro – The town of about 5,000 located an hour and half from Cuenca is celebrating its 27th anniversary Sunday. Activities on domingo will include a parade, a rally cross at 14:00, and at night, a popular dance with burning a castle.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Saquean una joyería en el centro (El centro jewelry store looted ) – A jewelry store at Mariscal Lamar y Benigno Malo was broken into Thu. night when thieves broke the padlock to an adjacent business and cut a hole through the common wall. About $4,000 of rings, earrings, and gold and silver chains were taken. The business did not have an alarm, and the security camera was broken by the robbers. This robbery follows an armed stick up el pasado miércoles at a multi-payment location close to the jewelry store.

Impuesto de Salida de Divisas (ISD) – The government is analyzing the possible reduction of the Currency Exit Tax as part of reforms the Government is planning to submit to the Asamblea Nacional.

Road and bus changes – Starting el próximo lunes, the Sixto Durán Ballén bridge will be closed for improvements along with part of the vía Cuenca-Azogues-Biblián in Challuabamba. There will also be changes in bus Line 28 whose passengers will need to change buses. The contract for the work is $169,032.60, will take 2 months, and increase the capacity of the bridge from 33 to 45 tons.

The 3 lanes in the Cuenca-Azogues-Biblián direction will be closed for 70 meters on each side of the bridge. Cuenca to Azogues vehicles will be detoured to 2 lanes currently running in the Azogues-Cuenca direction. The 3d Azogues-Cuenca lane plus the on- and off-ramps will be for vehicles going from Azogues to Cuenca. The route for bus Line 28 will change and when it gets to the bridge, passengers will need to get off and change buses. <This paragraph is why a picture is worth a thousand words.>

Hielo en el Parque Nacional Cajas – Some areas of the Cajas, especially in the Mirador Tres Cruzes zone, were covered in ice Friday. An environmental engineer said this can damage the plant cover especially in areas over 2,700 m. high. Ice in pastures can cause problems with livestock, and recommended feeding them with other products like guineo verde (green banana/plantain). The changes in the climate will last to the end of the month with the strongest affects in the interandean valleys. A transit agency recommended driving more slowly on the vía Cuenca-Molleturo-El Empalme due to thick fog. Also recommended is eating more fruits high in vitamin C and drinking hot drinks to maintain body heat. <How about another jacket on top of the 3 layers you’re already wearing?>

Descuentos y compras –

Boyacá – 30% off sale plus 3 months with no interest until 1/9.

Colineal – double your discount for up to 40% off – hoy y mañana – online purchases at

Superstock – Home Fair – 10% discount on all European imports in store – 10-20% off curtains and bedding – special prices on kitchen utensils and <this is for you alcohol loving gringos out there> Puianello Italian wines and Carta Vieja Chilean wines.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –



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