Ayudando a Mi Mamá

Sep 11, 2020 | 3 comments

A few days ago I was flying along, headed home, returning from the mountains. Soon enough, I spotted a familiar scene in one of the many areas I frequent.  The late afternoon light was favorable for the warm colors of the peoples clothing and skin. Plus, it looked like the women were planting the child whose lower body was obscured behind a slight rise the women were planting on. I got in the brakes and a minute later, they entered foreverness when my finger caused the shutter curtain to close.

Brian Buckner

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The Cuenca Dispatch

Week of October 01

González and Noboa debate offered little more substance than their campaign proposals.   

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Ecuador’s Looming Electricity Crisis: A Deepening Concern.

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Aedes mosquitoes bringing dengue fever to Ecuador, already claiming two lives in Cotopaxi.

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