Beware of the popular scams, Summer art camp, New Ecuador- Miami cargo route, Bioeconomics

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Domingo, 23/7/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda event –

Teatro – “Teatro de la Vuelta” will celebrate 15 years with performances of “Plush” on 26, 27, & 28 de agosto a las 20:00 in the Sala “Alfonso Carrasco” at the CCE. Cost: $5.00 & $7.00.

Articles about –

Summer art camp – Children from 6-16 are learning to paint at the Yuyay Arte summer camp (Luis Moscoso y Manuel Igvnacio Ochoa, a block from De La Américas at the entrance to Misicata). The current session ends on 5/8 and the next one, which will be painting and sculpture with clay, will start on 7/8. Cost: $40.00 including materials and an end of term exhibit.

Concierto – The OSC played a concert Sunday morning in the Catedral Vieja with “fagotista” Germania Gallegos (bassoonist – a bassoon is a fagot – your word for the day.) <It might be one you want to contextualize carefully, like niggardly>.

Exibición – The collective “ESAKOMPANÍA” is showing an exhibit titled “DED(O)ALO,” a play on words – dedo (finger) and dédalo (labyrinth) in la Casa de las Posadas (Gran Colombia y Miguel Heredia, Corazón de Jesús sector). The paintings were done during the marzo-julio, 2017 academic cycle and will be hanging for a month. The foto shows landscapes and outdoor scenes.

Domingos Culturales en Familia (Cultural Sundays with the Family) – There will be a presentation every weekend a las 11:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad. Sunday’s was “Barávibus,” a story about clowns who decided to tour the world by boat, plane and bus. <More word play: boat=barco, plane=avion and bus=bus. Put them all together and you have bar-avi-bus.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Las graduaciones dejan satisfacción por meta cumplida (Graduations leave satisfaction for goal accomplished) – 380 students of the Colegio Fiscomisional José María Vélaz graduated ayer. The school is directed at youth and adults unable to maintain a regular schedule of studies such as workers and mothers. The school has more than 100 extensions countrywide, with 12 in Azuay. Students attend class once a week and study with tutors in the IRFEAYAL (Instituto Radiofónico Fe y Alegría – Faith and Joy Radio Institute) The Fe y Alegría Institute was founded by a Jesuit priest to bring education to children of families with limited resources and used a system of study by radio.

Bioeconomía – Tarsicio Granizo, Minister of the Environment, said that Ecuador is hoping that bioeconomía will represent 20% of the “producto interno bruto” (PIB – gross domestic product) within a few years, and that this sector will supplant “extractivismo” (extractivism). Currently bioeconomía represents 10-11% of rhe BIP. <So it’s a toss up if China or some medical/chemical/pharmaceutical/weapons conglomerate will wind up owning the genes in Ecuador’s jungles.>

Cargo transport – Seabord Marine announced that it will start a new weekly cargo service direct from Miami to Guayaquil in Ecuador, and Calloa and Paita in Perú. 3 freighters have been assigned to the route.

Police Page –

Scams – Police are warning people not to fall for scams known as “loteriazo” and “paquetazo.” In the first the scammer convinces the victim to go pick up the scammer’s lottery winnings. And as security that the victim will return with the cash, the victim leaves an item of value with the scammer. In the second the victim and scammer exchange money except what the scammer gives is paper wrapped in real money. A third thing to beware of is “burundanga” (scopolomine) – especially at bars. Another scammer is offering 1% loans on social networking sites. <One good thing about not speaking Spanish is that you wouldn’t understand enough to fall victim to the scam.>

Bus robberies – Last viernes, a bus on the Guayaquil-Machala route was held up. Witnesses say one of the robbers rode as a passenger, other robbers got on later, fired shots, took valuables, and escaped. This was similar to an incident on 13/7 on the Guayaquil-Cuenca route. <Not nearly as romantic as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid who were essentially train robbers with good PR.)

“Hijacked” flight – The president of EMCO EP (Coordinating Company for Ecuadorian Public Companies) twittered that it has made administrative changes and corrections to resolve problems at TAME in response to the refusal of 32 of the 102 passengers on a Quito-Cuenca flight to leave their seats until it landed in Cuenca as scheduled. <I really want to believe that there will be consistent air service between Guayaquil and Cuenca some day soon. There used to be a choice of airline. But they were losing money hand over fist?>

Actualidades – Articles about –

El periplo por los andes australes (Parte III) Argentina (The journey through the southern Andes (Part III) Argentina).

Don Ángel Guapisaca, a community organizer in Paccha.

Miriam Ramón, a speedwalker, trainer and current director of the Federación Deportiva del Azuay.

Llangantes o Llanganti – This area of the sierras, half páramo and half jungle, at over 4,000 m., is where the treasure of Atahualpa is supposed to be buried. Dozens of “hombres,” mostly foreigners (gringos, Swedes, and Germans) have spent chunks of their lives looking. <I think that qualifies as chasing your dream.>

Sports and health page –

Actividades físicas recreativas en zonas de altitud (Recreational physical activities in high altitude areas) – the article talks about acclimatizing to altitude and physical changes experienced by the body at different altitudes. What caught my eye was that the Tres Cruces hill at more than 4,200 m above sea level, is also on the “divisoria de aguas” between and Amazon basin and the Pacific. (continental divide) <So, a question I always asked when driving through the Cajas is finally answered.>

Descuentos y compras –

Expo/feria y moda (Expo/ fair and fashion) – 27-30/7 – 9-21:00 – PRAC (Bolívar y Huayna Cápac) – performances, food and sales – fashion show on 28 & 29/7 – 18:00 – organized by the businesses on the Tranvía route.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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