Big fire extinguished as others continue; Guayaquil imposes new restrictions; Nat’l Assembly moves to impeach Romo; First Cuenca flight lands a day late

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Jueves, 5/11/2020

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –
No hay nada.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Azogues festeja sola sus 200 años (Azogues celebrates its 200 years alone) – 3 ceremonial events for the Bicentennial of Azogues were held with the vice mayor presiding. The mayor is in quarantine.

Sugerirán juicio político a Romo (Impeachment suggested for Romo) – The Comisión de Fiscalización de la Asamblea Nacional (Inspection Commission of the National Assembly) found ministra María Paula Romo responsible for 3 acts that occurred during the 2019 protests: use of outdated tear gas canisters, throwing them into shelters for protestors, and not forming a committee to protect the work of journalists. Elio Peña, president of the commission, recommended moving the case to the legislature for impeachment proceedings by the entire body.

300 ha convertidas en cenizas (300 hectares turned to ashes) – A fire in a mountainous area of Soldados that started el domingo has been put out by the Cuerpo de Bomberos (Fire Dept), Ejército (Army), ETAPA park rangers, and neighbors. It was a hard fire to fight because it took a 4 hour walk to reach the fire, it was intensely sunny, and with strong winds constantly changing direction. <If it took firefighter 4 hours to get there, I’d probably still be hiking.> Meanwhile, several others fires continue to burn near Cuenca, including in Santa Isabel, San Fernando, Tasqui and Three Lagunas.

Bomberos put out a hotspot of the Soldados fires.

Escuela Judicial vuelve a Cuenca (Judicial School returns to Cuenca) – The Consejo de la Judicatura (Judiciary Council) delivered a resolution to local authorities which returned the seat of the Escuela de la Función Judicial (School of the Judicial Function) back to Cuenca as was requested by bar associations and the universities. The school trains jueces de primera instancia (first instance judges <I have no idea what these judges would be called in the US.>). The city has 90 days to get the school functioning and will work with the Universities and the Judiciary. <There are at least 8 organizations and departments involved. They would’ve had to hold committee meetings at the Pumapungo theater if it weren’t for Covid. It’ll probably take 90 days just to decide on committees and assignments.>

Cuenca recibió a 38,000 turistas (Cuenca hosted 38,000 tourists) – 38,025 tourists came to Cuenca during the holiday with the most visits el domingo when hotel occupancy rates averaged 55%. 3,728 people visited museums with 2,519 going to MMAM and the Galería de la Alcaldía. The Parque Nacional Cajas registered 2,519 visitors and the double decker bus got 1,838 riders.

Hospital atendió un total de 368 emergancias en feriado (Hospital saw 368 emergencies during holiday) – The Hospital Vicente Corral Moscoso treated 368 people during the 4 day holiday in obstetrics, pediatrics, clinics, and surgery. <I can’t imagine how stressful it would be to be pregnant right now.>

Pilotos recrean hazaña de Liut (Pilots recreate Liut’s feat) – Byron Miranda, flying a Cessna 172, and Juan Rodríguez, in a classic Fisher biplane he built himself in 7 years, are two pilots who planned to recreate Elia Liut’s transandino flight in 1920. Rodríquez planned to leave Guayaquil el 3/11, as Liut did in 1920, but he had to turn back and land in Naranjal after running into bad weather in Soldados. Liut also had to turn back due to weather. On 4/11, with perfect skies for flying, Rodríguez flew to an altitude of more than 12,000 feet, crossed the Andes and landed in Cuenca at 8 am. Byron Miranda landed in Cuenca at 11:30 after an overflight of the city. He had never flown Liut’s route, except in a simulator.

Tramo de Pana Norte a manos municipales (Stretch of Pana Norte in municipal hands) – The 9.6 km. long section of the Panamericana Norte between the González Suárez roundabout and the Guangarcucho bridge will be the responsibility of the Municipio. It was built as a state highway and the responsibility of MTOP, but over time has become part of the urban zone of Cuenca. An agreement between MTOP and the city was signed to transfer responsibility along with $2 million to be invested exclusively and only in the Rehabilitación de la Panamericana Norte, Tramo Mujeres de Piedra-Puente de Guangarcucho Project.

EMAC pronuncia sobre megaparque (EMAC pronounces on megapark) – the Icto Cruz megaparque was inaugurated in marzo, 2019 and still doesn’t have a management model. Cora Ordóñez, manager of the Empresa de Aseo de Cuenca (EMAC), said that 80% of the 56 hectare park is intended to be left natural with other areas receiving maintenance every 30 days. She said the strategy is working because a family of deer is now living in the park, and she hopes biodiversity will gradually increase. <it will if she can just keep people out.>

Drought prompts water concerns – Dry weather and increased potable water consumption have led to worries about low city reservoir levels. Fabian Cazar, ETAPA drinking water manager, is urging responsible water use.

Guayaquil endurece medidas por más casos de Covid-19 (Guayaquil toughens measures due to more cases of Covid-19) – Guayaquil mayor Cynthia Viteri has strengthened restrictions in the city due to an increase in cases and deaths. There will be a 24 hour ban on liquor sales from jueves a domingo and holidays. Capacity for shopping centers, restaurants was reduced to 50%. Parks and malecones will be shut for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, 24, 25, & 31/12/2020 and 1/1/2021. <I’m wondering if domestic violence is going to go up or down with these alcohol restrictions.>

Agenda –

No agenda items scheduled for 8/11/2020.

Descuentos y compras – <None of these either.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta ? –



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