Bodies found on Chimborazo could be French climbers missing since 1994

Aug 24, 2015

Officials in Ecuador are trying to determine if three bodies found on the Chimborazo volcano are those of French climbers who died in an avalanche two decades ago.

Mountain guides found the frozen remains during a climb on Saturday.

Mt. Chimborazo is known for its avalanches.

Mt. Chimborazo is known for its avalanches.

They were still wearing their backpacks and investigators hope a camera found nearby may yield clues about their identity and what happened to them.

Chimborazo is Ecuador’s highest mountain at 6,268m (20,565ft).

The bodies were found under layers of ice at a height of 5,650m.

In 1994, seven French climbers and three Ecuadorean guides went missing on the Chimborazo volcano after an avalanche.

Ecuadorean officials have asked relatives of the missing French climbers to come forward to help determine the identities of the bodies.

Investigator Fernando de la Torre said the bodies would have to be left to defrost naturally before they can be examined.

Forensic experts say they want to avoid damaging clothing on the dead climbers, which may yield clues as to who they are and when they died.

Chimborazo, a dormant volcano, is popular with climbers, but avalanches and melting snow and ice can make it risky.


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