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Body of U.S. expat found in Guayaquil

Ecuadorian national police have unearthed the body of a 65-year-old U.S. citizen buried under a house in Guayaquil. They reported that the body of Jonathan Charles Gilchrist, a resident of Salinas, was found buried under a concrete slab.

Police commander Edisson Barrera discusses the case.

Prosecutor Santiago Rivadeneira said Friday that two women who lived in the house were taken into custody under suspicion of murder. Neighbors reported that they had seen the women with an elderly North American on several occasions.

Rivadeneira said police are looking for at least one man they believe was involved in Gilchrist’s disappearance and alleged murder.

According to the prosecutors office, Gilchrist was a well-to-do investor who owned property in several coastal communities as well as Cuenca. He had been reported missing in Salinas in January.

The police report said that Gilchrist’s body was buried two meters below ground-level, covered by a concrete slab in the northern Guayaquil suburb of Mucho Lote.

Rivadeneira said his office believes that the motive of the murder was robbery. “Based on what we know about the women, we believe they were involved in the crime with at least one male accomplice.”

  • Sage

    People (particularly well-to-do white men) naively believe they can do as they please in 3rd world countries and not pay the price. This guy paid with his life…murder in the filthy city, Guayaquil, is BAD news, high crime, prostitution, drugs…what a way to go!

    • StillWatching

      Interesting comment. What makes you write this:

      “People (particularly well-to-do white men) naively believe they can do as they please in 3rd world countries and not pay the price.”

      Do you know something the rest of us may not know? Did this man do something that you are aware of that resulted in his death? Or are you just assuming facts not in evidence?

    • Broker Dry Freight

      Sounds like you are talking about Chicago or New York or St. Louis, or Atlanta…need more?

      Guayaquil isn’t a bad city. And it is obvious you have not spent much time here.

      There are areas of Cuenca I would not walk at night and that is the same in most cities around the world.

      And as for Ecuador being a 3d World Country. You are wrong there too. You just don’t get out much do you.

    • Robert

      You just described MOST big cities in the 1st world “BAD news, high crime, prostitution, drugs” plus a whole lot more. This kind of thing goes on all the time in the USA. It isn’t exclusive to Guayaquil, that’s FOR SURE. Like anywhere you go on the globe, be it 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, world or whatever. Be careful where you go, who you deal with, & who you hang out with. Washington D.C is one of the WORST for this. (I used to live 30 min, outside of D.C.)