Bus drivers test positive, Cooler temperatures forecast, Beware of swindlers, Debt restructuring plan developed, Highway closed for 15 days

Jun 4, 2020 | 2 comments

Miércoles, 3/6/2020

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Titular – Intereses y mora se acumulan (Interest and delinquency accumulate) – (mora – delay in fulfilling an obligation – your word for the day and mora is more than just a blackberry. Here’s where context makes it clear which meaning you’re using.) Extentions on credit card balances and bank or cooperativa loans end this month and borrowers need to go to their lending institutions to fulfill their obligations. Options are to come to a payment agreement or take out a debt consolidation loan. Banks can also defer loan payments for another 90 days to allow the economic situation of their clients to improve. <After muddling through the article, all I can say is go to your bank and make your arrangements, but read the fine print.>

Eleven city bus drivers tested positive for the Covid-19 virus on Monday and were ordered to quarantine.

Cierran vía por 15 días (Road closed for 15 days) – A large slide of aluvión (alluvium) closed the carretera Paute-Guarumales-Méndez at km. 76 in the Amaluza parish in Sevilla de Oro canton in the northeast part of Azuay. The mudslide completely shut off traffic with vehicles on both sides of the slide unable to get through. A car was dragged into the mud and 4 families were evacuated. The slide started when the Río Jurupis overflowed, took everything in its path, and emptied onto the highway. Authorities and neighbors are worried since material is still falling <or flowing?> off the hillside.

Fraud alert – Beware of offers from fake businesses sent via text messages, emails with false information, and phone calls from estafadores (scammers – another word for the day). <Might be a good time to be monolingual. Hard to fall for a scam when you don’t know what the swindler is saying.> The goal of the scams is to get your bank information and then make your money disappear.

Weather report – the Inamhi is forecasting low temperatures in Cuenca and the whole province of Azuay at least to the end of the month. The cold temperatures are due to masses of cold air from the south of the continent and are accompanied by heavy rains, wind gusts, and possible hail. Inamhi is also warning of high UV levels in the sierra on Thursday and Friday.

Tranvía damage – A window was broken on a train by a rock that was thrown by a piece of equipment used by a worker cleaning the green areas. It happened at the Tarqui stop and the train was taken out of circulation and replaced. <For your peace of mind, the hole looks like it was in safety glass – no sharp shards.>

Bus drivers test positive – Bus drivers received COVID-19 tests and 11 were positive. They will return to work after they have recovered and finished with their quarantines. The buses will be fumigated at least once a day with quaternary ammonium and alcohol. <You’ll have to decide for yourself if you want to take a bus that’s been disinfected with this stuff.>

IESS – IESS is offering a service for physical, occupational and language therapy on line on the Teams platform. Before the health emergency, IESS had about 150 patients receiving rehab treatment and is looking to get these patients back into treatment on-line with the most attention for patients in vulnerable situations.

Government debt restructuring – The Government is proposing a plan to restructure its external debt including renegotiating loans with China and with bond holders. It is seeking to not pay any interest during 2020 to give the country some breathing room. In mid abril, the country succeeded in getting bondholders to defer payment of interest of $811 million until el 15/8. By that date, the Government will have a restructuring plan.

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