Bus fare hike delay, Ecuador’s 911 system wins recognition, Loja pre-festival tour, Dancing couples, Cuenca holidays are coming

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Lunes, 16/10/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Exposición – Paintings reflecting 40 years of work by Julio Montesinos Burbano are on show at the Casa de la Provincia (sector San Blas).

Cine foro (Film Forum) – “Pompoko,” a film about veganism will be shown on miércoles in the Lakomuna Colective de Arte.

Festival de la Lira – The 6th competition of Hispanoamericano poetry will present 3 works on 24/10 a las 10:30 in the Casa de los Murales – Construcción Civil, Visión de las Ciudades y Batallas del Silencio.

Articles about –

“Cuenta Cuenca Cuenta” (Tell Cuenca Tell or Count Cuenca Count) – The 4th trip of the Academic Routes started el sábado anterior (last Sat.) with artists, architectural and tourism professionals visiting “las entrañas” (bowels) of the city. <They toured the sewer system?> The academic tours had the goal of showing a different side of Cuenca, off the beaten tourist track, to students, professors and the public. The cycle of trips ends on 17/2/2017 and the next meetings will be a talk on 18/11 on “Lineal no lineal” (Linear nonlinear), and “Casas de las ‘yapitas?, los mercados” (Houses of the ‘yapitas’ (little extras), the markets) on 12/2 with Fausto Cardoso.

Couples dance festival – The Primer Festival Internacional de Danza en Pareja will open el miércoles a las 19:30 in the Rizoma Plataforma Disidente with dancers from Colombia showing cumbias and other dances of the country. El jueves, 19/10, same place and time, will be Mexican dancers, and el viernes Peruvians will be at El Prohibido Centro Cultural with the traditional marinera norteña and the huaylas. Cost for each performance: $3.00.

“Camino a Loja” (Road to Loja) – This program is a starter for the Festival Internacional de las Artes Vivas (International Festival of Live Arts) that will be in Loja from 16-26/11. The Camino a Loja is a tour starting in Cuenca and going through 14 provinces in the Sierra, Costa and Amazonia. The tour will have performances and workshops for people in the scenic arts including actor’s training and vocal work.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Sin acuerdo total piden “urgente” alza de tarifa (Without full agreement, “urgent” calls for rate hike) – 6 of the 7 urban bus companies have agreed to sign the agreement raising bus fares from 25¢ to 30¢, and are urging the mayor to convene the Cantonal Council to subscribe to the commitments that are part of the fare increase. The Ricaurtesa S. A. company has said it won’t sign along with the other companies. It was waiting for a response from the general manager of Petroecuador about the production of Diesel Premium with 10 ppm of “azufre” (sulfur – your word for the day) <as a bonus, azufre also means brimstone.> The agreement calls for renewing the fleet in 21 months. The Cuenca Chamber of Transportation asked the council to consider changing to Euro 3 technology instead of the Euro 5 technology for which there is no suitable fuel.

ECU911 – Ecuador was recognized for the good practices of its 911 system. It is the only country in the hemisphere and the 5th in the world to get an international certification. <Now the only thing left is to have services in English 24/7.>

Independencia de Cuenca – El jueves marks the start of the season with the launching of the schedule of events in the hemiciclo in Parque Calderón a las 10:00. <Which means at 10:00 some rushed civil servant is still at the printer’s packing boxes of agendas into his car.> “Play Land Park,” a midway type thing, will be installed in the Centro Agrícola Cantonal in Tarqui parish.

Internacional –

US – Porn tycoon Larry Flynt has offered $10 million for information leading to the impeachment of Pres. Trump. He took out a giant ad in the Washington Post.

Venezuela – Venezuelans voted for 23 state governors yesterday.

Descuentos y compras – More car ads

Volkswagon – Last 2017 Amaroks – $36,990.

KIA – Sportage Active from $24,990 and Sportage R from $27,990.

Toyotathon 2018 – <Christmas sales started last month and now it’s 2018 already?> – Yaris from $23,990 – Prius from 26,490 & 33,990 – Innova8 from 39,990 – Rav 4 from 42,990 and 46,990 – Fortuner from 54,990, Hilux pickups starting from $34,990 to 51,990.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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