Bus fare hike, Glas takes his vacation in jail, Festival for old folks, Yunguilla tour, Food and garden fair

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Miércoles, 4/10/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events

Documental – The documentary, “Jaime Roldos,” showed Wed. morning.

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Cine – El Cine Club will screen “Eraserhead,” by David Lynch Thursday a las 19:00 in CIDAP. <It’s the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen, which is not saying that much since I’ve haven’t seen that many movies. But it definitely was weird.>

Etnodanza – A performance by Andino Causanacunchic of ethnic contemporary dance will be el próximo miércoles a las 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz. The performance is titled “Rumiñahui Cóndor Indómito Tres: el fin de la trilogía de la reivindicación” (Rumiñahui Cóndor Indomitable Three: the end of the claim trilogy).

Clowndestinos – The group will present “Desacuerdo con Dios” (Disagreement with God) from 19-21/10 a las 20:00 in the Sala “Alfonso Carrasco Vintimilla” de la CCE. Cost: $7.00.

Articles about –

Tatuaje y barbería – The Tattoo and Barbershop expo started at MMAM today and will run hasta el domingo.

Bienal – Ecuadorian artists can submit their proposals or qualifications for inclusion in the 2018 Bienal on line or at the Bienal offices. The deadline is 13/10.

Auditions – There were auditions for “Peidra sobre piedra” (Stone on stone), a full length Ecuadorian/Colombian film, at the CCE Tues. and Wed.

Cartonera – The “quinto guagua cartón” is arranging a literary event on 19/10 a las 19:00 in the Corredor Sur. Free.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Río taponado (River plugged up) – A macro slide 80 m. long on the vía Gualaceo-Plan de Milagro-Limón Indanza in the Ingamullo sector partially blocked the San Francisco River and left the road unusable. It also put potable water service to the canton of Gualaceo at risk.

Buses – 6 of the 7 bus operators in the Cuenca Transportation Chamber have signed the resolution approved by the council that raises fares from 25¢ to 31¢.

Pensions going up – Pres. Moreno met with directors of IESS to analyze the financial situation of IESS and to propose an increase from $63 to $100 in the Seguro Social Campesino payments to retirees.

Glas – VP Jorge Glas has asked to use 2 months of his vacation leave while he is in preventive prison. He is also subject to a constitutional article that talks about a temporary absence which could be an illness or other circumstance that prevents an official from doing his work, and it can last up to 3 months, after which it becomes a permanent absence and a replacement process can start. <Jail would certainly count as an absence. I guess Glas is trying to call it a vacation.>

Fiesta de tercera edad (Festival of third age (elderly) – The fiesta lasts a month and it started yesterday with a parade of senior citizens. <The parade started at PRAC and went around the block. That’s not a parade you’d want to get stuck behind – as fast as the slowest lady with her walker.>

Ruta turistica – In the Yunguilla valley, Santa Isabel canton, there is a 9 km. sugar cane and honey horseback riding route. You visit sugar mills including Sin Chuchaqui (Without a hangover), Don Nacho, and Don Arturo. You will also pass the communities of Estrella de Sur, Quillosisa, and Río Naranjos. The tour starts from El Ramal-El Triumfo.

MercArt – The MercArt crafts fair will be on 13, 14, & 15/10 under the name “MercArt Food Garden.” There will be 80 exhibitors with gastronomic, household, gardening and decorating offerings. The fair will be at la Casa del Río – Quinta Lucrecia. <I think that’s the event center on 1 de Mayo just east of 12 de Octobre.> Hours will be from 12-21:00 on viernes, 13; 11-21:00 on sábado, 14; and 11-20:00 on domingo, 15. Free.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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