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Buses protest vans, IESS hospital implants, Taxi meter tampering is a criminal offense, Contradictory testimony in Odebrecht trial, Paute plaza remodelling

Miércoles, 29/11/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

UNESCO Commemoration – To commemorate the anniversary of Cuenca’s being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the show “Anomia-Desechables” (Anomia-Disposables) by Christian González will open el viernes a las 19:00 in the Galería de la Alcaldía. The exhibit shows daily life at “El Arenal.”

Recorrido patrimonial (Heritage tour) – El viernes a las 17:00 a 21:00, artist and historian Hernán Illlescas will guide a tour through the Corte Provincial de Justicia del Azuay building. Using the murals “Las Edades de la Justicia” (The Ages of Justice), he will give the history of the Ecuadorian judicial system, and he will help you learn about the architecture and history of the building.

“Cuenca en Cuentos” (Cuenca in Stories) – Teatro Barojo will stage performances about popular characters of the city until Sat. The first performance, “Espadachín Zabala” was hoy a las 19:00.

Libro – Carmen Lucía Cordero will launch her book, “A Flor De Piel” (To flower of skin) <Is that how Hannibal Lecter garnished his plates?> el próximo 7/12 a las 19:00 in the Casa de la Provincia. It is a book of poetry and correspondence.

Articles about –

Silent movie – “Safety Last” with Harold Lloyd was shown Wed. in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz. The OSC played accompaniment for the film using the score for a 1993 musical of the movie. <That would be a challenge to the conductor – making sure the music kept pace with the movie.>

Edwin Petróneo Idrovo – An article about this artist who draws with a ball point pen (specifically a Bic). The photo shows him at work on a bench in parque Calderon.

Broken hearts – The AMA collective, composed of tourism students at the U. of Cuenca are mounting a show called “La Universalidad de un Corazón Roto” el 7 & 8/12 desde 9:00 a 16:00 in “La Vitrina” at he CCE. <They lost me when they started explaining what the show was about. Artspeak.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Exgerente de ETAPA y otros son inocentes (Ex-manager of ETAPA and others are innocent) – A judge declared the “sobreseimiento” (dismissal – your word for the day) <I hope you it never looms large in your life since it pertains to legal dismissal of charges and you wouldn’t want to experience the prelude to such a declaration.> of investigations against 6 people for alleged influence peddling on the Expansion of the Tixán Water Treatment Plant. Ex-manager Iván Palacios announced he will analyze a decision to take legal action against his accusers.

Taxis – EMOV is sanctioning taxistas who alter their meters. If you see an altered meter, you can call ECU911 right then and it will be treated as a criminal offense. EMOV runs weekly operations and has sanctioned 86 drivers.

Trial – The ex-minister of Strategic Sectors, Rafael Poveda, belied a previous witness and said that ex-pres. Correa did know about the construction of the Pascuales-Cuenca pipeline which was awarded to Odebrecht which paid $5 million in bribes.

Interprovincial buses – The Federación Nacional de Cooperativas de Transport Público de Pasajeros (Passengers – the rest is ACAY – All Cognates All Yours) suspended service from midnight to 18:00 hoy. It was expressing its rejection of including tourist van services as part of interprovincial passenger transport.

Implants – The IESS hospital has performed 8 pacemaker installations. The surgery takes about 3 hours.

Paute – The remodeling of the central plaza is 40% complete and on schedule and expected to be finished in enero, 2018.

Business page – 4 businesses in the south received Ekos de Oro prizes. They were Maxximundo, Centrosur (Empresa Eléctrica Rgional Centro Sur C.A), Nutrileche, and Indurama.

Intercultural –

Alfareras – Potting in Cera, Taquil Parish, Loja Province is women’s work and the craft is being passed down. The article describes the importance of properly gathering and preparing the batch of clay. One batch takes a week to prepare and will yield about 60 pots depending on size. The pots are handformed without a wheel or mold. <It sounds like they’re basically pounded into shape from a wad of clay.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


6 thoughts on “Buses protest vans, IESS hospital implants, Taxi meter tampering is a criminal offense, Contradictory testimony in Odebrecht trial, Paute plaza remodelling

  1. taxi fare how about the fact taxi rides tend to cost what the driver wants not the meter, at least that is what happened to me

    1. Paula, it happens all the time if you let it. The following may help you to avoid such mishaps in the future:

      I can attest to the veracity of the notion that if you call 911 with a taxi complaint———— even fare cheating———— the police arrive in minutes. Meter cheaters (altering the meter) they arrest on the spot and confiscate the cab.

      I just went to that article and culled this from the comments. Seems like good info:

      Rebecca, thank you very much for posting this because it raises another issue that I have also personally encountered. The most dishonest of the taxi drivers have actually had their meters adjusted so that they can turn it on to run at a higher rate than than that mandated by law. I have encountered this at least 5 times. Each time, I have called it to the attention of the driver at the end of the ride and if you ever want to see how fast a driver will give you a free ride, demand it in this situation.

      Think about it; It is one thing to fail to turn on a taxi meter. That can be rationalized to a gullible police officer by saying, “I forgot”. A meter that has been tampered with cannot. These are the guys that should be hauled off to jail because they are willfully and regularly stealing from the public.

      Now that it is in my consciousness, if this happens to me again, I will just press my “Tia Poli” button and have the police intercept or meet this driver as we proceed. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Let the police do as they will with such people. My guilt will be zero.

      I’m sorry to hear about the incident with your change purse. This has probably never happened to ecexplorer, so maybe he doubts your credibility, too. I don’t doubt it for a second. This hasn’t happened to me, personally, but I have heard of incidents just like yours from friends. I don’t doubt their word for a second.

      Finally, you raise the issue of you being a senior lady and you are right, that may make things even more difficult for you. All the more reason that the rest of us should not tolerate dishonest taxi drivers. Maybe the actions of those of us that can implement the things I have done, will make things better for those of you who may not be able to. I certainly hope so.

    2. This has only happened to me once. The driver said the meter wasn’t working and tried to charge me $4 for a $2 ride. I offered him the $2, took his picture, a picture of his plate and offered to call the police so we could discuss the other $2. He drove off without another word.

  2. Interprovencial buses need the competion. Maybe now, they’ll clean up their sorry act and their nasty buses.

  3. Flor de piel is an idiom and is not to be translated literally. The idiom refers to a phenomenon or quality being obvious to the observer (e.g., one’s feeling toward another) or the state of sensibility one experienced or exhibits.

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