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Capturing the Cuenca moment

I will celebrate the beginning of my fifth year in Cuenca next month. While others are dazzled by the pyrotechnics of Carnival, I will pretend that a least a few of the candles are for me.

I learned a long time ago to carry a camera with me everywhere; you just never know when love taps you on the shoulder, and I am always eager to assist in recording the moment. It’s easy. Love is everywhere every day.

Here are some of my favorite photos of the people of Cuenca … with two exceptions. See if you can pick them out.

9 thoughts on “Capturing the Cuenca moment

    1. Robert’s just having fun with words – favorite photos of the people of Cuenca. The cat and dog are not people. I’ll guess the second exception is the photo showing the woman sitting in the chair holding the toddler. The little “suco” might not be a person of Cuenca?

  1. Lovely pictures, Robert. And I love how people-centric they are. You certainly have the knack for communicating with your subject. Thank you for sharing.
    Feliz Anniversario!

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