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Will Lenin Moreno emerge from Correa’s shadow before the election?

Commenting last week on Ecuador’s presidential campaign, one Quito journalist called it “colorless, odorless, and empty.” The reference was aimed mostly at front-runner and presumed heir apparent to President Rafael Correa, Lenin Moreno, and suggested that voters know little more about the candidate than they did when he left the vice presidency four years ago. […]

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Colombian government killed more civilians in eight years than FARC rebels did in 30

By Adriaan Alsema Under former President Alvaro Uribe (2002-2010), Colombia’s U.S.-backed security forces murdered more civilians than FARC guerrillas have in more than 30 years. This is the most inconvenient truth Colombia’s electorate will have to accept once a Truth Commission and a Transitional Justice Court take force to seek impartial justice for the country’s 8 million victims. The […]

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February election will mean big changes for Ecuador; What will it mean for expats?

To understand what’s at stake in next month’s presidential election, it’s important to first consider Rafael Correa’s enormous impact on Ecuador. The election will be, in large part, a referendum on his presidency. It’s also important to understand that Correa’s former vice president and heir apparent, Lenin Moreno, could steer the country on a dramatically […]

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